Cliffy B on Hate for PS3 DualShock, Feeding on 'Tears of Fanboys'

Another N4G name-drop from the biggest troll in the gaming industry. We hate to love you, Cliff, but we love to hate you.

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movements2701d ago

CliffyB....oh, tut tut....moving along... A boy's a boy will always be a boy.

LOGICWINS2701d ago

"CliffyB....oh, tut tut....moving along... A boy's a boy will always be a boy."

Taking the time to click/ yeah, nice job "moving along" movements.

Vojkan2701d ago Show
Warprincess1162701d ago

The ps3 controller is the best. He needs to stop being a fanboy

LOGICWINS2701d ago


Sooo, are u saying that everyone who doesn't believe the PS3 controller is the "best" is a fanboy? Warprincess, ur comments never cease to amaze me lol.

zootang2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

He just jealous he has to buy batteries or an add on recharge pack. Does the 360 pad even have blutooth? Probably never tried the sixaxis to fly a plane in Warhawk too. What a pad! Go away with your crappy d-pad. Keep feeding them that propaganda.

SuperStrokey11232701d ago

I greatly perfer the ps3 controller over the 360 one, i cant stand the 360s layout. To each their own though.

Wenis2701d ago

PS3 controller is too small. Us real men need a big boy's controller... a mouse and keyboard :)

rdgneoz32701d ago

I thought M$ and its fans would like X, Square, and O...

BlackKnight2701d ago


You have to be kidding me about the xbox controller feeling like a kids controller. The DS3 is much smaller, your pinky, ring and even middle finger have practically nothing to grasp on to because it is so small. I even bought a 360ish controller for PS3, but unfortunately, Sony's support for non PS3 controllers sucks. They all have artificially deadzones. I plugged it into my PC, no deadzone. Highly irritating. I hope a firmware update fixes it sometime.

And as far as ABYX vs ▲■XO. Who cares?

Iroquois_Pliskin2701d ago

DS is just legendary... oh the memories...

Baka-akaB2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


Real men dont need to be reassured by the size of a controller :p

sikbeta2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Cliffy, you need to realize there are people who play games with a DualShock for more than 15 YEARS....

What's with the obsession with N4G!? I mean, it's not a big site to begin with to give it so much attention XD

captain-obvious2701d ago

i wonder when the hell dose this guy work since he is running his mouth all the time

Echo3072701d ago

He is working. His job now is just as much to get his name and his products out there. And like him or not, he's good at it.

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kneon2701d ago Show
hay2701d ago

Actually, when you're there you don't care about this fanboy or console war crap. Your point of view changes and it's far from being on priorities list. It's simple as that.
But Cliff forgot already he was here not so long ago.

MaxXAttaxX2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

The Triangle-Circle-X-Square format is original and Legendary.
Maybe he should do some research:
The PlayStation controllers are easily accessible for ANY genre.

X,Y,B,A has been done before by Nintendo and Sega(even the colors). So maybe he dislikes the the lack of originality of his preferred controller(and his games).

P.S. Cliffy, who is crying? You're just making a mockery of yourself and we're laughing at you and pointing out the stupidity that comes from your mouth.

Pixelated_Army2701d ago

The 360 controller feels like you're holding a big block of cheese in your hands.

morganfell2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


You are associating size with manliness. It's a video game controller. Do you believe people that drive jacked up trucks with monster tires and lift kits are more manly than those that do not?

Look at matters this way, small kids use the large husky pencil to learn to write and then when they begin to mature and gain skill they use a smaller normal size pencil.

And evrfighter, bible thumpers aren't the silent type so your example fails. Fanatics and those that attempt to convince themselves by relentlessly haggling others are the noisy, ego deficienct, rap traps.

BrutallyBlunt2701d ago

Looking at some of these comments (which so far is well over 100) and it is quite obvious he hit the nail on the head. N4G is full of Playstation 3 fanboys, this much is true. This stems from the fact N4G has more Playstation 3 owners than any other system so it's bound to happen.

Who cares if he doesn't like the controller. People on here act like they created the dualshock and get offended so easily.

Bathyj2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


You feed on the tears off fanboys?

Whose even talking about you?
You're not the center of conversation at N4G?

The only time you're mentioned is when you insert yourself by saying something stupid, which unfortunately is becoming more and more often.

Even the fact you'd attack the square, triangle, cross, circle pattern shows pettiness on a level I've rarely seen. And thats coming from a N4G veteran. I would think you'd like the shapes so you dont have to learn all your letters.

Maybe you should join up here Clifford, there are some guys here you'd fit right in with.

To those saying differently,
I'm 6"4' and can hold a basketball in one hand, and the DS3 is NOT too small. Maybe youre just too clumsy manchild.

There, I wont bring you up again until you say something else stupid.

Dee_912701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

he dont like anything ps3 we all know this

why would we think he like the ds3 ?

this is pointless article

ChrisW2701d ago

My only complaint is, generations of game consoles prior to PS1 all used A,B,C and X,Y,Z. And several still do today. The square, triangle, circle, x makes as much sense as putting a penis, boob, vag, and arse on the controller.

zootang2701d ago


"This stems from the fact N4G has more Playstation 3 owners than any other system"

Maybe because the majority of gamers prefer the PS3?

YodaCracker2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

@zootang "Maybe because the majority of gamers prefer the PS3?"

Wow! I've never heard that one before. As you must know, there are more 360 gamers than PS3 gamers. Then take the number of PS3 gamers who are rabid Sony fanboys and you have a very small number. Yet they are 90% of N4G. Rabid deranged PS3 fanboys. There is not a single other gaming site on the Internet that is as one-sided as N4G, aside from sites dedicated to only one console. If there is, please direct me to it. Christ, I think you'd see more praise for the 360 on a PS3-only site than you would on N4G, a site for all gamers.

I guess if you spend all your time on N4G, you must come to believe that nearly every single gamer hates the 360, while everyone is in bed with Sony and the PS3. That's what it's like here, but that is NOT reality. Stop living in this fantasy world!

ChrisW2701d ago


Careful! Such blasphemy can get you excommunicated from the House of Sony.

CherryLu-Chan2701d ago

The bloake's entitled to his opinion and I don't think he's far wrong.

For me the Dualshock 2 is a far better controller than the DS3 - and my controller of choice for the PS3.

Feels studier, better L2/R2 buttons, I prefer to extra stiffness of the analogue sticks.

MaxXAttaxX2701d ago

Sales are not an exact representation of people's preference. The PlayStation brand is still more widely recognize.

Preferring the PS3 is not the same as "hating on 360". Of course, there are exceptions.

crxss2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

first off i hate CliffyB and love my ps3

but i have to admit the 360 controller has better aspects than the ps3's (which i hope they make a new controller like M$ did). but calling cross, circle, triangle, and square like kanji on the thing is just plain retarded. does he know that ABXY are letters? both are forms of writing system so he's just sounding like a retarded american.

the 360 has better triggers and concave sticks. imo that's the only thing the 360 has over the ps3's ds3. i prefer the ds3's shell as well as analog placement over the 360's mainly because it's easier on your thumbs (going left on the 360 controller isn't as easy as it is on the ds3) and i've been playing with it forever, since ps1.

the 360's is nice but residue gets stuck in those annoying cracks as well as the plastic glossy bottom part. the bumpers are also worse than the ps3's R1 L1. the shell is also kinda bulky but that doesn't bother me but it definitely bothers some (just as the ds3's is too small for some).

jjohan352701d ago

I'm not taking sides on 360 controller versus PS3 controller. Considering that the 360 sells best in America as compared to the rest of the world, also considering that Americans are probably the most obese population as a whole on average, is it really a surprise that Americans need larger controllers?

zag2700d ago

I'll care little for when he releases a PS3 game that use the controller.

Other wise, it's just him blowing smoke up his own arse, all the while greasing up a stick for the goats arse to make people, want to give a fuck about what he has to say.

Vherostar2700d ago

I dunno what happened to him its shame really as he at one point praised Sony after he got mod support for UT3 into the PS3 version and afetr tall that crap with map packs on gears 1 it looked like he had switched to Sonys side.. But it shows money really does buy loyalty.

kneon2700d ago

trolling? really?

Apparently it's not ok to point out CBs obvious western bias and insular view of the world.

Boody-Bandit2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Napoleon needs to stop being an attention whore and get back to work on their next title. Try making 3 actually work out of the gate, unlike the first two, with minimal bugs and glitches.

This guy likes to think of himself as a rockstar. Cliffy, you're not. Your arrogance is embarrassing when the industry has or had classy people like Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Yu Suzuki and a great engine designer like John Carmack.

You are not even close to Tomonobu Itagaki's level yet you come off even more arrogant, if that is even possible.

You are just some guy that said, I want a chain saw implemented in this game. Big deal. Please go away Napoleon and take a class in humility. You desperately need it.

lh_swe2700d ago

It's a freaking controller, some like it, others don't...give it a rest already!

extermin8or2700d ago

@wenis or you feel the need to compensate for lack of a proper...penis :p nah the dualshock has its issues, but personally i prefer it...

Spydiggity2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

"The ps3 controller is the best. He needs to stop being a fanboy"

ah, the hypocrisy. =P

at least cliffy b gave reasons why he doesn't like it...and while i actually like both controllers, i understand what he's saying about the concave vs convex sticks. makes absolute sense.

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jriquelme_paraguay2701d ago

the form of the DS3 is good for me.
But i modded my DS3, and put the analog sticks from my Xbox360 controller.

Like the triggers on the 360 controller, but i play fine with both... 360 and DS3, no complain here.

limewax2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Yeah thats my only quarrel with the ps3 controller is the triggers. I find when playing a racing game my fingers start to ache because the triggers are very hard sprung. I use the wheel for GT5 anyway but on arcade racers it gets annoying.

Where the DS has the edge is the analog sticks I think. I love the skate. franchise, best being the first lol. But the controls on ps3 where much better I found, more responsive for flicks and holding in balance positions, also the stick having more freedom to move helps. But I find DS generally better for small movements.

Also my Xbox analog sticks whenever I move it right lol, annoying because trials HD is one of my most played games on there

Tony-Red-Grave2701d ago

i wonder why some people forget that theres a tigger add on for the DS im sure their called the real triggers or something along that line

gypsygib2701d ago

I have to agree, the DS3 is the only thing I don't really like about PS3, it's alright but the the design is 15 years old.

Convex a bad idea and the triggers need more resistance and grip.

The DS3 is antiquated.

TBM2701d ago

the DS has always been, and always be comfortable in my hands so his opinion is just that his.

2701d ago
Tony-Red-Grave2701d ago

thought id mention one more time people go and try out the ds3 real triggers their cheap and i heard alot better

Eddie201012701d ago

Attention whore, ego maniac

Love Me, Love Me, I'm Cliff Blezinsky

Too many like him in the gaming industry.

Eyeco2701d ago

personally i HATE the 360's controller i find it to be bulky and just uncomfortable for my taste, i prefer the DS3 but thats just my opinion

etownone2701d ago

personally i HATE the PS3's controller i find it to be small and just uncomfortable for my taste, i prefer the 360's but thats just my opinion

FinalSpartan2701d ago

clif b is freaking owning the entire PS3 fanbase loool

true point the triggers on the PS3 pad are awful beyond belief, That is why shooters don't even use then instead R1 & L1 is used.

awful attachments make it look so gay to lol that is only thing. But overall great pad.

GezForce2701d ago

i love the ds3 only thing that needs to change are the L2 AND R2 buttons. sony we need better triggers! cant be that hard to re-release an alternate controller with this design change that would benefit countless ps3 owners. currently im using those "real triggers" that you can snap on the buttons, but in the heat of battle sometimes those bastards fly off the controller!. shooters and racers would be great with this enhancement. Cliffy if you hate the controller so much how about designing and releasing your very own ps3 Gears controller that could be bundled with a copy of gears of war on ps3. i'd buy that in a heartbeat. stop being a hater... start supporting ps3 the community will welcome you with open arms.

hiredhelp2701d ago Show
NewZealander2701d ago

i agree the triggers are a pain on the DS3, i get cramp from the springiness of them, and yes my fingers do tend to slip off in the heat of battle, im fine with the rest of the pads layout, the 360 control fits in my hand better, but the d-pad sucks big time, but when i think of the blisters i used to get off the old genesis or nes control pads...well neither of the current controllers are that bad!

Redlogic2701d ago

Whats really funny is that during the Mobcast he actually makes a joke saying that he will probably be quoted after saying what he did about the DS3...and here we are, though he should expect it by now.

colombiankilla012701d ago

He is just one obnoxious short little dude that you wish to see him in the street and beat the [email protected]##$ out of him just to see what he puts on twitter the next day! lol

SeanScythe2700d ago

What's a "Cliffy B"? And why should I care?

frostypants2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

I love how he refers to himself as "a creative". Sure, dude.

This is how I imagine the typical Cliffy design session goes:

The guy is a visionless, creatively unmotivated hack. Maybe he could come up with something innovative or genre defining if he spent less time slap-fighting with children online. As it is, he makes dumb games for the unrefined gamer. He is the Michael Bay of the games industry. Popular with the masses, but unrespected by the knowledgeable.

Bulletstorm has some good ideas, but he had jack to do with that game creatively.

At least David Jaffe can back up his trolling with some actual creative ability and street cred. Frankly though I wish both would shut up and go back to work.

disturbing_flame2700d ago

It's getting so embarassing.

ok next time Cliffy, make a podcast to demonstrate why you are not an xbox fanboy, i think it will entertain everyone here, fanboys or not.

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OllieBoy2701d ago ShowReplies(1)
Surfaced2701d ago

it's fair criticism up the the face buttons. The geometric symbols are pure class, international, and timeless. The Dualshock's form is one of the most iconic shapes in gaming and the 4 symbols alone can serve as powerful marketing tools... much more than Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, etc, have ever been able to do with A/B/X/Y.

Clifford if it helps you:

Circle = 1 (one stroke) = A
Cross = 2 (two strokes) = B
Triangle = 3 (three strokes) = X
Square = 4 (four strokes) = Y

PirateThom2701d ago

Why does Clifford, as an adult, care about what people on N4G do?

LOGICWINS2701d ago

Same reason you care about what he says.

PirateThom2701d ago

I find it amusing?

Oh, OK... good for him.

GiggMan2701d ago


Get off of Cliffs N**tz...

BlackTar1872701d ago

seriously Logic are you cliff? you are all over his junk buddy calm down.

solidjun52701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Deadreckoning666 is back with a new account it seems. Logic (you lack this) wins sounds very much like him.

looked at his comment history: Yea. that's him.

Anyway, I don't care if Cliffy doesn't like the ds3, but I agree with Pirate, why does he care what anyone thinks. Make the games (gears baby) and let that speak.

gamesmaster2701d ago

kind of disturbs me how much this logic guy is defending him.

solidjun52701d ago

it's dead. Whatever he says won't suprise you after a month.

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Statix2701d ago

You know, him and David Jaffe, the OTHER biggest mouth in the gaming business, would either get along great, or explode the universe if they came into contact with each other.

starcb262701d ago

Jaffe would kill him with a DS3.