Character Showdown: Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) vs. Jack Cayman (MadWorld)

Which is the better character between Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes and Jack Cayman from MadWorld? Bright Hub compares and contrasts the two protagonists and gives you a clear cut winner.

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Shok2825d ago

That's hard to decide. Both are total badasses and have killed some crazy bosses.

Dark_Charizard2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Jack Cayman hands down....

Madworld > NMH

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2824d ago

The heck kinda comparison is that. Their only similarities is that theyre on the wii.

Jack Cayman though.

TheMutator2824d ago

Garcia Hotspur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CrzyFooL2824d ago

Jack has a fucking Chainsaw!!!

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