SOCOM 4 Conference Unleashed!

"Yesterday, a large portion of the PS3 user base gained access to the SOCOM 4 Beta through PlayStation Plus. This has been the first time the public has been able to get their hands on the upcoming title, excluding the few invited to the first phase of the beta. Today had the pleasure to take part in a SOCOM 4 conference call to learn more about Zipper Interactive's latest SOCOM title and hear what they are bringing to create the best SOCOM title of the highly successful franchise. Be sure to comment with any additional questions you may have that were not answered and they will do their best to get the answer for you."

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Nick2120042590d ago

I learned quite a bit from this conference that I did not know originally. I hope it does the same for all of you!

Drakol2590d ago

Never was a big fan of the SOCOM series, but this latest version might just change that ;)

Dart892590d ago

Will it have dedicated servers??

ninjagoat2590d ago

From what ive played of the beta today it has dedis and its a fantastic game outright im well hyped for it now.

ksoto2590d ago

Great game so far even the graphics are nice to look at. I was hyped when i seen the cover system implemented lol i killed like 4 ppl hiding behind the metal plates on the bridge in one of the boards. I got in via psn plus but i have an extra code via my kz3 purchase so if anyone needs one feel free to hit me up ill give it to them.

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The story is too old to be commented.