160° - Forza Motorsport 4: What We Know And Suspect

Top Gear is my favorite show on TV, both the British and US versions. Honestly, the inclusion of Top Gear is enough to get me excited about the upcoming racing title Forza Motorsport 4. However, Turn 10 isn’t stopping with a mere TV sponsorship. Forza 4 isn’t just tossing it’s hat into the sim racing market; it intends to dominated the genre. Judging by what details we know, Turn 10 is putting 150% into making Forza 4 the most immersive sim racer on the market today.

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hennessey862530d ago

but ive owned every forza game aswell so im looking forward to this

Dread2530d ago

gt5 mentioned in the first post of a forza article.

I am shocked/s

and i know you are not saying anything bad about forza, but why bring gt5 into this?

xer02530d ago

Since the Forza Devs always compare their game to GT5 - why not?

Boody-Bandit2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Agreed hennessey.
I'm a racing fanatic. I don't care which system is comes out on. All I want from Turn 10 is more cars, tracks, deep and challenging career mode and 900 degrees of rotation support for my GT2.

I'm still hacking away at Forza 3. I still didn't complete the event list. I am only a few races away. Just got side tracked. I want to complete it before F4 arrives.

suckerv2530d ago

@hennessey - You and I are in the same boat

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suckerv2530d ago

@killzone3gamer - I love both games. There are things about either one that I feel is better than the other, which is why I am forced to buy

emitcowboys2530d ago

I'm not a big racing fan in general. Just could never get into them. FPS FTW

Boody-Bandit2530d ago

Get a good wheel and you might think other wise. I use to be mostly a fighting and FPS fan until I got hooked on wheel racing. Now it's my favorite genre.

dkgshiz2530d ago

FPS? Those come a dime a dozen.

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The story is too old to be commented.