Killzone 3 Servers Going Down Early Next Week, All Regions Affected

Last week Guerrilla Games released Killzone 3 patch 1.06 that was supposed to fix many an issue plaguing some gamers, and according to them, it did. But some problems still persists. Problems like scores not being processed correctly, which Guerrilla said was caused by another bug that patch 1.06 missed.

Now, the developer’s saying that it’s find “something in the back end that (if all conditions were met) did not process scores properly for Guerrilla Warfare matches”, and are planning on taking down the game’s servers “early” next week, with all regions being simultaneously affected.

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HeroComplex2672d ago

What they need to fix is the lag, hit detection, and invisible walls! 1.06 helped but the game still needs work.

2672d ago

Looks like in preparation for the patch.

Chapulin2672d ago


hiredhelp2672d ago

NO ETA to how long this take. hmmm but hit detection is a must just not getting my kills.

(Note to self read the dummy's guide) rocket launchers.

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