Dynasty Warriors 7 - Weapons Guide

SegmentNext - "Guide to how weapon system works in Dynasty Warriors and All the weapons in the game including Special Weapons."

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Dart892703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Has this game came out cuz im seeing march 22 and march 29 which one is it??

[email protected] yea that's what i thought i can't believe this looks like a big upgrade form the disaster that was dw6 i mean online play, new characters, weapon switching so much goodness.Can't wait to pick it up.

christheredhead2703d ago

im pretty sure its march 29th. i dont think its out yet.

im looking forward to dw7. haven't play a dw game since dw3 i think. from what ive read so far it seems like it would be pretty fun.

FFXI1012702d ago

I agree, I liked everyone of them(although is pretty much the same every year)

But I really didn't like the last one. I hope this one will be different and better than the last game.