BattleStrats: Crysis 2 Review

An in depth examination of Crysis 2 by the BattleStrats staff. Spoiler free

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JLesinski2704d ago

I think it's at least worth the rent. Sure it's a FPS that could have been slightly better done but it's a nice change of pace from BO

2704d ago
HeavenlySnipes2703d ago

I'd give the SP a 9.5/10 from what I've seen for its length and variety but the MP a 6/10 from what I've played (PS3 btw) for 6v6 limit, and obvious copy and paste of MANY COD elements.

I'll pick up the game when it becomes cheaper because unless the game has a compelling 20+ hour story I'm not buying at full price if I find the MP trash.

ElementX2703d ago

I've been playing single player for a few hours and I'm hooked! I've mentioned in other posts about the nanosuit with cloaking abilities, super human jumping and strength. It brings a lot to the FPS table. It's a lot different than your run-of-the-mill war FPS games. It has a lot going for it.

ksoto2703d ago

Perfect score i gave it a 7.5 but this game is not that good!!!! PS3 exclusives still have the crown by far!!!!

jrbeerman112703d ago

crown of what? the best selling games this gen are all multiplat

kikizoo2703d ago

he was probably talking about graphics and overall quality, variety..not sells (even if exclusives are selling well)

ElementX2703d ago

Crysis 2 on PS3 is more fun, more intense, and better looking than KZ3. KZ3 is just a standard FPS, it brings nothing new. Crysis 2 has stealth cloaking, multiple paths to the destination. KZ3 you basically run through specific buildings and find the exit. Crysis 2 you have an open field to go around enemies if you choose.

HeavenlySnipes2703d ago

Have you played any KZ games?Your comment made me lol. You are trying to say everything in KZ3 is seen in other FPSs lol.

kikizoo2703d ago

Ridiculous..(better looking ? lol..)

KZ mp is way better (i can't compare sp for now)

ksoto2703d ago

I dont play sales numbers buddy i care less. If that was the case id buy me a wii but that would be a waste of my time and money. You ask the crown of what lol are u really asking that question? go check and see how many awards UC2 has recieved then come back to me. Go google and see what is proclaimed to be the best looking fps on consoles then come back to me and then go google and see whats the best looking console game everrrr then come back to me and then if u still not satisfied the year UC2 came out who won the most game of the year awards!!!! SMH thats alot of crowns!!!!!!

jrbeerman112703d ago

Your coming off as bias big time. I love uncharted 1 and 2 and I know it won awards, but how many did red dead redemption get? How many did Mass Effect get? how many did over rated Call of duty franchise get?

also the wii sold most as system, but the software isnt there besides mario and wii sports, bad example.

Its all opinions, there's a gazillion game sites out there and I can always find one that agrees with me, doesn't make it fact.

what is proclaimed to be the best looking shooter is subjective as well, some are saying this game is the best. Do i agree? no. is Killzone 3 the best? no.

you care less about numbers, ok don't let facts get in your way of having an opinion.

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