Nintendo backs away from 3DS games that require 3D, others may follow

Nintendo enjoys creating hardware that offers new ways to interact with games, such as the Wii's motion controls, or the 3D screen of the upcoming 3DS. The problem with the new portable is a distressing one, and it may become increasingly apparent as time goes on: not everyone can see the 3D images. That means that Nintendo's ability to create games that rely on that central mechanic is limited, unless they want to alienate a portion of their audience. This is the rare case of a company launching with a new technology it seems unwilling to use to its fullest capabilities.

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Trunkz Jr2796d ago

"Our hope is that someone is willing to go all-in with a 3D title"

Not going to happen, people need to have the option to play in non-3D, also, the title fails ~ of course Nintendo will be using 3D in their games.

Active Reload2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

The title of this article makes it seem as though Nintendo isn't going to make all of their games in 3D.

" 'We want to get software out to as many people as possible, and there are some people who just can't see 3D," Nintendo 3DS producer Hideki Konno told Wired's GameLife. "We're moving away from any stance that says if you don't use the 3-D functionality you can't play this game.' "

That's the only comment made in the article from Nintendo and my understanding of it is you don't have to cut the 3D on to play the game.

longcat2796d ago

Maybe be they could make a non-3D 3ds for cheaper as well.

chewmystink2796d ago

Cutesy games don't need 3D and that's all you ninty fans love isn't it :)

rwarner1742796d ago

And this is why people that think glassesless 3d is right around the corner make me laugh. They can barely get it to work on a small screen with a fairly defined viewing distance like the 3DS. There is no way anytime soon we will have 60 inch 3D TVs with usable viewing angles and distances. Not unless you want to stand square in the middle of your TV room to watch a 3D movie.

I am not saying it will never happen. I am sure it will. Probably some new technology. But its not happening soon.

rwarner1742796d ago

Disagree all you want. Enjoy 3D in 10 years.

bananlol2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

All i know for a fact is that ive never seen a properly working glassesless 3dtv.

Baka-akaB2796d ago

i don't believe in glassless 3d reaching the quality of the current one before a long long time , if ever ... still your argument seems quite flawed to me .

The 3ds' use is hardly a good and relevant example . Of course they'd struggle more fitting a decent 3d on such a tiny screen .

Either i'll just enjoy 3d right now , with my glasses . Something that elude the naysayers' grasp .
You can enjoy it right now , and IF the tech without glasses takes off , then likewise early 3d adopter will easily and happily follow suit

hellzsupernova2796d ago

it doesn't bother me i cannot stand 3D just the other i only managed 2 laps of GT5 in 3D and i was starting to feel off. but i think this is funny as Nintendo pushed this as a really awesome feature now they are backing down.

bumnut2796d ago

I personally love 3D but 2 of my friends can't see it and 1 gets headaches.

hellzsupernova2796d ago

you say one very reasonable comment about your effect with 3D etc and get so many disagrees wtf

bumnut2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I know! there must be a lot of retards on this site. How can people disagree with facts?

Maybe people translated my comment to mean "3ds sucks" which is not really what I meant.


danielle0072796d ago

I don't see it as them backing down. The games just have to work in both 2D and 3D, so you can't have puzzles dependent on the 3D.. Which idk what kinda puzzle would actually require 3D anyhow..

There's a huge part of the population that can't deal with 3D, and now they'll all get to play all of the new, nifty games.

Masterchef20072796d ago

While i agree that not everyone will be able to see 3D. Nintendo has included a slider that will allow you to turn it off. So i dont see the problem in the first place.

danielle0072796d ago

The problem is that there was the potential that developers would produce a game that wouldn't work in 2D, like a specific puzzle that utilizes 3D..somehow.. I wouldn't know how it would work, but Nintendo is preventing that by requiring all games work in 2D and 3D.

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