MotorStorm Apocalypse 1080p Footage Shows Off PS3′s Power

A batch of new MotorStorm Apocalypse footage – in 1080p format – undoubtedly shows off the PS3′s power.

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MaximusPrime2705d ago

Try playing ps3 instead of xbox 360 or Wii.

Troll harder next time

zootang2705d ago

Go back to playing your DVD's

Tony-Red-Grave2705d ago

fanboy issues aside played the demo and just wanted to say the AI in this game does not f**k around if you try and overtake it will destory you.

MaxXAttaxX2704d ago

It's obviously not the most "powerful" game ever on PS3, but I do think it should be appreciated for what it is.

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Ve3tro2705d ago

The destruction and chaos going on while playing is immense and staying at 60 fps is pretty impressive.

sikbeta2705d ago

Day One for me, fan of MotorStorm series here, this one will be the Best!

starcb262705d ago

I think PR looks better, but apocalypse has way more stuff going on than PR.

DoomeDx2705d ago

I agree! Just look at. Its like watching Saving Private Ryan but then in racing form!

CernaML2705d ago

Actually the game runs at 30FPS. But it's pretty rock solid and VERY responsive. This is one hell of a technical achievement. Evolution studios has outdone themselves once again.

Ve3tro2705d ago

Yea sorry, it is 30 fps.

Must of been some other game I had been testing this week. Mix up.

Tony-Red-Grave2705d ago

for those lookin for the demo try the EU store

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2705d ago
MysticStrummer2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Hmmm should we call the nurse and let him have his meds... or let him play Crysis 2 and pretend that it looks better than Killzone 3, even with all the jaggies, lower rez, and fewer onscreen enemies with last gen AI...? Nah... let him have his fun... just get him a bib. OT - I've never been into the Motorstorm series. They look very nice and this one is no exception, but I like the more traditional racing games (Dirt, GT5) better.

hennessey862705d ago

me your being sarcastic, crysis 2 visuals for some are better but some people will prefer killzone 3 its called opinion and nobody is wrong. read my review of killzone 3 if you think im a troll but you will see otherwise.

The General2705d ago

WOW, N4G is getting overrun with delusional 360 fans... What happened?

Anyway, MotorStorm is looking to be as awesome as ever. Definitely showing off the PS3's graphical capabilities.

andthensum2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

And hennessey86 is leading the cause lol.
*from his comment history: "just
played the ps3 demo and omg is it bad. Its the jaggiest game ive ever seen."
Xbox defense force unite! /s

Motorstorm owns!

SynysteR2705d ago

That one bubble looks real good on you ;)

Organization XII2705d ago

I seriously LoL over these "shows PS3 power" articles.

N4PS3 is funny :/

CaptainGreece2705d ago

360 fanboys butthurt is even funnier.

xAlmostPro2705d ago

i love comments like yours that suggest N4G is full of ps3 fanboys..

When about 80% of ps3 articles are bashing it..

I also see far more people making such comments than i actually see ps3 fanboys, kind of ironic

Arnon2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'm sorry, but are you blind?

Anyway, I've seen much nicer looking PS3 titles out there. Not sure how Apocalypse is showing the PS3's power, at least, judging by those videos.

barnett1142705d ago

Units, you ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

CernaML2705d ago

Pretty much. This game looks better than Crysis 2 and runs natively at 1280x1080p with MLAA. Go figure. :)

nilamo2705d ago


Must suck being blind. C2 rapes this one in the eye socket. Besides FPS games are technically more demanding than racers.

Kon2705d ago

LMAO, big LMAO. Looks better than Crysis2 LMAO LMAO. Sorry but lol

xAlmostPro2705d ago

I was going to trade in homefront and black ops to get crysis 2.. but im gonna hold out another week and stay away from fps for awhiel and get this xD although i would have had this instead of homefront if it wasn't delayed lol..

anyways awesome game xD

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chidori6662705d ago

What the fuc* happened to Motorstorm?

It's now about driving as fast as possible?

Music is crap, too.

M1 is still king.

tommy-cronin2705d ago

Yeah first one was class, still this game is looking just as good

Rampaged Death2705d ago

I played the demo and was very disappointed. It was slow and the graphics weren't great. I would rather play Split/Second over this.

limewax2705d ago

The demo isnt that great. Just finished the game though and it actually is pretty good. For anyone who is worried that cars and bikes all use the same routes, Dont be, they still have advantage routes to take.

The game certainly isnt slow though and neither are the graphics bad in any way at all. Its a much more complete package than MS 1 or 2. To give a run down.

Story Campaign
Extra modes (time trial and an extra challenge for those who beat level 8 on MS:PR, Its just as hard)
Car and Bike types finally been split into categories
Customisation, you can do quite a lot with it too.

Easily worth more play time than the last 2. Not all tracks have dynamic events either for anyone who prefers a 'constant' track

claterz2705d ago

I agree with you on the music, drum and bass and rock was much better than this orchestral shite, it really doesn't suit the game.

limewax2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The music is drum n bass actually, Not really much rock now but its done by 3 pretty well known DJ's. The strings bit from the demo is just one of the songs, A remix by Noisia I think so still technically drum n bass

redDevil872705d ago

the game has custom soundtracks...

claterz2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

That doesn't mean they can go ahead and change it to something completely different, the soundtracks in the previous games were probably one of the best things about them. The fact that they changed the song style shows that they don't care about their fans, because I've never heard anyone say they didn't like the soundtracks on the last two.
The fact that the game has custom soundtracks shouldn't be used as an excuse for their epic failure of completely ignoring the fans.

limewax2705d ago

just wait and buy the game, 1 song on the demo and you beleive they changed the whole theme. Its drum n bass, I got my copy early, trust me if anything the drum n bass is more core audience now than it ever used to be

redDevil872705d ago

"The fact that they changed the song style shows that they don't care about their fans"

They don't really care? wow. Have you seen how much effort they've put into this game? If they didn't care about fans they wouldn't have added custom soundtracks in the first place. They clearly care about what people want to listen to because they added the feature. all you have to do is play the MS2 soundtrack when your playing, simple.

Also the dramtic music is aimed to go with the feel of the game. The dramatic end of the world theme etc.

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ksoto2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

no wii fit and halo reach have better graphics and crysis 2(sarcasm smh)

Undeadwolfy2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

*sigh* yet again another YouTube video... please give me an uncompressed raw file of the video to see for myself...

[edit] because as the articles title suggest, its "showing off the power"

Ve3tro2705d ago

The average file size for each of these videos was 20-25GB for uncompressed, so that ain't gonna happen.

Undeadwolfy2705d ago

My apologies... didn't really think that one through. Still getting day 1 thoguh, (whenever that is) :D

claterz2705d ago

Can't believe they still haven't added cockpit view, oh well maybe next time. Hopefully this one will be as awesome as the last two, definitely day 1!