Survey: Wii Leads Living Room Marketshare, Xbox 360 Wins The Bedroom

The current generation of home consoles has built itself in large part on the image of a family in the living room playing together -- and Nielsen finds that half of America's consoles reside in the living room, with the Wii the most likely hardware to be found in front of the household's main TV.

The Wii can be found in 59 percent of living rooms that have game consoles, the research firm finds in a new survey, calling it a "reflection of the Nintendo console's motion-controlled, social gaming style."

At 52 and 45 percent, respectively, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are less likely to be placed in living rooms, despite their comparatively greater multimedia functionalities relative to the Wii.

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OtherWhiteMeat2707d ago

Xbox 360 Wins The Bedroom
It's going to real ugly here very soon.

guigsy2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Let's face facts - the PS3 is more likely to the found in the living room to be used as a Blu ray player. Xbox Live is probably a big determining factor for being in the bedroom; you're not going to shouting profanities down your headset while the rest of your family watches on bewilderingly.

Having said that, the 360 will probably increase it's share in the living room space as Kinect grows in popularity.

nnotdead2707d ago

owners of the PS3 tend to older, so keeping it in the living room to use as the multimedia device that it has been advertised as makes sense.

the Wii is thought as a great social/family gaming machine, so having it in a place where most can have access also makes sense.

my guess for why the 360 is more likely to found in the bedroom also has to do with age. the 360 tend to be popular with teenage to collage age kids. they don't usually own a living room to put their system so it stays in their bedroom.

lee_ten2707d ago

...the ps3 does have games but keep assuming it's just a bluray player. are we living in 2007 still?

ThanatosDMC2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Weird... people have their kinect focused on their beds? Chat Roulette anyone?

I have my 360 + kinect on the living room 54" hdtv which has a bigger screen size than the 22" hdtv on my desk which my PS3 is connected to. But then again i have another PS3 connected to the 54" for watching and guest play, and it doesnt have any of my save files.

I dont know why but i find it harder to do headshots on the 54" compared to the 22". Does this happen to anybody else?

Edit: Oh yeah, i recently found that the Wii is warm to the touch even though you're not using it as long as it's plugged in. WTF?

anthem2707d ago

Do you put your wii in stand by? or do you hold down the power till the light turn red?

ThanatosDMC2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

There was a stand by mode? Damn, i thought when the screen turn dark it's off. Yeah, it's been yellow and not red. I use the Wiimote to turn it off... err... I guess that was stand by.

Edit: I just pulled the plug out. Now im sure it's off.

Seferoth752707d ago

The Wii was designed to be on 24/7 as long as it is plusgged in.

Flashwave_UK2707d ago

ok survey at least tell us where my ps3 is going to be??? baised much??

PlayerX2707d ago ShowReplies(2)
Wizziokid2707d ago

how many people where asked?

Redgehammer2707d ago

I have a Xbox 360 in the living room,. and another in the bedroom.

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