Technical Issues Plaguing Halo 3, Upsetting Gamers

Blogcritics reports many Halo 3 owners are missing major chucks of their Halo 3 Service Records at The Service Records contain every Halo 3 player's kill and death counts, experience, rankings, medals, and other achievements earned from multiplayer games. Many players have not had their Service Records updated since Thursday, October 4. Others have not had an update since September 30, a full week ago.

Halo 3's online matchmaking service was being reported as down as well, and it is unknown yet if the two problems are related. However, the problems do not seem to be affecting all Xbox Live users. Bungie has not yet addressed multiple complaints in its official forums.

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mighty_douche4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

this is a 10/10 game right? shouldnt that be 'perfect'?

EDIT: not being a troll, just asking a viable question. the fact that you attack me like a typical fanboy implies to me that you cant answer.

EDIT 2: dude where did i say anything about a 360? stop jumping to conclusions.

wil4hire4084d ago

If anything I am a ps3 "fanboy"

bootsielon4084d ago

Microsoft Stock options FTL

Douchebaggery4084d ago

when a online game is really popular sh!t happens

it wasn't a big deal with Warhawk and it's not a big deal now

Laxe4084d ago

Very true. Hope they keep this in mind - Warhawk's servers were hammered bad because they didn't expect it to be so popular off the bat. On the other hand people ARE paying for this to work so I would be peeved off too.

FirstknighT4084d ago

I never experienced any problems. Niether has any of my buddies who I play with. But there are about 1.5 million people playing this very minute so a few hiccups is understandable.

thereapersson4084d ago

Since they put as much money into this game as they did, not to mention the fact that they are charging gamers for XBL, I would expect this kind of thing to be nonexistent.

Halo 3 is fun though; I watch my roommate play all the time. It's funny because he didn't know how to save his game for the first couple days and was always wondering why he had to start over when he turned his system on.

boodybandit4084d ago

My friends and I have not noticed anything wrong with Halo 3 so the problems "some" are reporting are overblown. This is the same crap said about the RROD with the 360. Just because you haven't had it happen to you, which considering your past post I will take with a grain of salt, doesn't mean there isn't a significant problem.

There is more than a hiccup or 2 going on with Halo 3 online.
And to some of you, quit this there are millions playing the game so give Bungie a break. First off there are not millions playing the game. Most of the time the numbers are under a million. During the peak hours and the weekend, the total is over a million but I have yet to see it even hit 1.5 million online according to the stat tracker in Halo 3. I'm not saying it hasn't hit 2 million but I myself have yet to see it. I was blown away when I saw it hit a million plus. That is a lot of PEOPLE but "millions"? A no.

millions = 3,4 or 5 and not most of the time under 1 million or slightly above 1 million. Why are you guys defending the game like it's a family member or bringing up the competition to justify the problems?

Both Bungie and Microsoft knew what the numbers were going to be in overall sales and people playing this game online. There are more than just a problem or 2 with the game and "hopefully" Bungie will get on it ASAP. All I know is having to wait as long as I do to get back into another ranked or social server works my last nerve.

My gripes with the game:
Every other map is shotty snipers.
You can play online for hours and only see the same 3 or 4 maps.
Finding a game and the player loading only to have them all drop and you end up starting another search.
People dropping from the server and you end up being down a player or 2. Yesterday during peak hours this happened a lot! I played one match where it was myself against 4. I didn't win :(

The ranking system makes it hard to play with friends on ranked servers if their numbers are too high or low for you. It's hard enough trying to find a game most of the time without adding a "mixed party" to the problem. And when someone drops from a game, whether they quit or the server drops them, the game feezes for a few seconds (sometimes) and it restarts the server as if the round just started, although the score is still in tact. <-- this is a problem I haven't seen to many players bring up so I take it this is rare.

Anyway there is more than a hiccup or 2 with Halo 3 but I don't think any of them are really not that big a deal. As long as the problems don't get worst I don't think most fans of Halo will care. It's not like the game doesn't work online or it takes forever to connect to a game. I think the longest I waited was 5 or 6 minutes to connect to another ranked server in Team Slayer. Sometimes jumping back to the lobby and reconnecting works wonders. But it would be nice if I could get on a ranked server and stay there like some other games allow. This way not only would the map rotation work better but if you have a good group going against another, it would make for some awesome battles.

nobizlikesnowbiz4084d ago

Haven't had any Bnet issues. Been updated rather frequently. Although last night I was trying to play with some buddies and for about 20 min it wouldn't let us play matchmaking. Kept giving the 'Cannot retrieve information from XBL' message. Seriously though, this is stupid, but you gotta cut them some slack. With as many people playing as there is, you can't expect the system to perform flawlessly.

To above. Quit trolling. I doubt you would appreciate it if I went into every Ps3 game article and tried to spin the sh!t negatively.

Not like WarHawk didn't have problems.

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