Resident Evil: How To Ruin A Great Franchise

NowGamer: While the prospect of playing through beloved Resi games is somewhat exciting, is it really where Capcom show be focusing its time and money?

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El-Fenemeno12132825d ago

Just a thought. What if this 'remake' is a sign for the true sequel? Like when God of war 3 was nearing release, the gow collection was released. What are the chances of this occurring with Resident evil?

2825d ago
MehmetAlperTR2825d ago

I believe HD REMAKE will be ok.. But ruin the franchise with full action game ( like resident evil 5 ), yes.. There was no horror, no darknes, no zombie, even i was not alone ( there was a stupid female character with me ).. yes they were ruined Resident Evil Franchise.. After Shinji Mikami San leaved Capcom, this franchise has to an end..

skyward2825d ago

Sounds like a proper sequel could be well into development, but I don't want another Resi 5...