DCS: A-10C Warthog Review - PC (GamingShogun) writes: "DCS: A-10C Warthog represents the revival of a genre in, for the most part, a kind of sleeper status of late - the flight simulator. With the downfall of companies like Microprose, Jane's Combat Simulations, and Spectrum Holobyte the field of combat flight simulation has been somewhat bereft of winners - often falling to the hands of lesser-skilled, indie developers. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft ditched the ACES team responsible for their line of Microsoft Flight Simulator line of civil aviation simulation and things were looking pretty bleak for us armchair pilots. Enter: Eagle Dynamics, who turned many heads with their survey combat flight simulation, Lock-On: Modern Air Combat, back in 2003. Unfortunately for fans of the series, publisher support..."

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bumnut2554d ago

Looks cool but IL2 Cliffs of Dover releases next week with 128 player dogfights!

morganfell2554d ago

Can't wait to get this. I was lucky enough to get a free copy of Black Shark from Igor when I ran in to him in Orlando. Great guy. I have been flying the forerunner of these games since their roots in the old SSI days. I would avoid the digital versions just because of the limited install feature. But the disc version avoids this.

I also purchased separately the Black Shark manual. Wow. They don't make them like that anymore. It's a spiral bound encyclopedia. I hope they offer the same with Warthog.

ThePoorman2554d ago

So far there is no spiral bound version yet - but the official manual is around 750 pages! I love it!