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Vice President and General Manager of Alienware took some time out of his busy schedule at PAX East to sit down with VGW's Brian Shea to discuss the amazingly smooth Wireless HDMI, the factors that go into the company's success, and what it means to have the technology of the consoles starting to close the gap on gaming PC's.

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Apollyn2498d ago

Over priced hardware with a fancy case. Can build more powerful units for nearly half the price.

And honestly the gap isn't closing atleast not this Gen.

SuicideShaun2498d ago

The person who wrote this article thinks alienware are for "elite pc gamers?" He knows nothing about pc gaming...

Beefstew4u2498d ago

Alienware is for wannabe "elite PC gamers" that can't build their own system for half the price.

Kon2498d ago

Elite PC gamers can build the same machine for 1/2 the price

Baka-akaB2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Indeed there is nothing elite about Alienware .

Just fancy stuff for braggers .

Hell at first it used to at least be pretty (or rather unique) AND functional .

Now you open multiple layers of crap art deco on your desktop to even access a drive

bigboss9112498d ago

well then what should you do if you dont have the know how or time to build your own?? any good pre built rigs out there?? i will be getting a new pc come this fall. any tips??? I just need something to play Stalker 2 and Battlefield 3.

Apollyn2498d ago

Either find a mate to help u, Or read tutorials online. OR contact your local independent computer shop and ask them for some advice

bigboss9112498d ago

i might need to find a friend. Im ace with software, hardware makes me nervous. Im worried i will break something lol. I have an Hp laptop that plays most stuff. I dont play many pc games. Just Stalker and Killing floor lately.

JOHN_DOH2498d ago

this place will assemble it for you free and prices are ok for parts. look for the ad on the right side.

If you have the time it's not that hard to do yourself and probably better to learn so if you have problems or wanna upgrade later on.

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