Dragon Age II Gamedot review

"Dragon Age 2 is most definitely a condensed version of what Dragon Age: Origins was. However the trade off is you get a much tighter storyline with twists of its own, rather than going through the motions to reach a conclusion after a storied intro; It’s story all of the way through."

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Kon2701d ago

Definitely not a 10. More like an 8 for me. Enjoying the game more than i thought.

Kran2701d ago

Oh CMON! It's not THAT bad.

So far, i'd give it an 8/10.

It's not origins. Thats a good thing.
It's not origins. It's also a bad thing.

Neckbear2701d ago

"Oh CMON! It's not THAT bad."

SententiaS2701d ago

10/10? Seriously?
Great then, it means that perfection was reached in the RPG genre and all RPG developers are basically out of a job since there is no point in improving something that's already... ferpect.

Chnswdchldrn2701d ago

the only thing I hate about this game is the reuse of the same fucking levels OVER AND OVER AND OVER with a slightly different starting point or objective each time.

Seriously, this is fucking pathetic

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