Pick Up a Glossy New Xbox 360 Controller On the Cheap

RespawnAction: "Need a new Xbox 360 controller in order to deal the 'pwn' to unsuspecting noobs in Call of Duty or Halo: Reach? Amazon's Video Game Deal of the Day is a Glossy Black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller."

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artsaber2703d ago

for 47.77 is a better deal. Unless you just have to have that matching Black color with that sleek new 360 Slim.

RAZORLAND2703d ago

about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I picked up new one from amazon for $29.99.

Echo3072703d ago

Random Observation:

There's a lot of talk on this site about how PS3 fans dominate N4G, but articles like this make me think that there are just as many 360 fans here, they just don't comment. This article is at 130 degrees and has only one comment. Which means there are a lot people clicking the link to check out where to buy without commenting. Not that I blame them for not commenting. Anything even remotely pro-360 is immediately eaten alive by the SDF boys. Makes me wonder if 360 fans have simply given up trying to debate with the rabid ps3 fans.

SlipperyMooseCakes2703d ago

No. This site is heavily Sony dominated. A lot of people click on 360 articles just to bash them or see what is up. This is just a pretty neutral article so people don't really bother commenting on it since it's just about a controller deal.

No Way2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Typically these submissions are fairly empty .. go figure.
Anything that is strictly gaming news doesn't get much attention.
Hell, go look at Skyrim submissions then look at like NPD Submissions.
The amount of heat on the NPD article outweighs that of Skyrim 5-1.
Just like all these damn Crysis comparisons..

Any article that compares two systems in the slightest way..
That is where you can go to find all the bickering.
And, it's almost always Sony dominated.

guigsy2703d ago

It's £24.99 on Amazon UK, £15 saving.