Mortal Kombat - A Retrospective

During my late teens, I had my fair share of hours with this classic and beloved franchise, probably too many to have done me any good. But as that wise old saying goes – ‘you only know you’ve played too much Mortal Kombat when your wife mentions ‘furniture’ and you rip her spine out through her chest’.

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LimeyOtoko2701d ago

This was a nice article. I thought that Mortal Kombat had a rocky patch, but DC Universe vs. (if a bit simple) and MK9 have really put me back to enjoying the series again.

Yay for successful returns to form!

bestofthebest2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

good read makes me think about how the original MK1 and 2 was when it first came out I was about 13 me and my friends would sit in front of the tube watching these crazy fatalities.I think they just enforced esrb ratings with Mk1 but retailers didn't care at that time as much cause it was a new system they didnt really pay attention to it and just wanted your money games didnt sell as much as they do now..
The good ol days

With that said Im going all out for this release- tournament edition(ps3), kollectors guide, and Mk1 bluray

cr33ping_death2700d ago

i remember coming across the first mk at a 7-11 and was just awe struck with the realism of the characters and the fatalities. i had to of been 11 when i first played it... wow... 18 years ago.