PS blog Takashi Tokita Talks Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, RPGs

Takashi Tokita is a name well respected among Square Enix fans, having helmed classic RPGs from Parasite Eve (newly resurrected for PSN) to Chrono Trigger. Now he’s overseeing the restoration of one of the earliest games of his career with Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, coming to PSP on April 19th.

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Christopher2823d ago

Not trying to deny the awesomeness that is the many FF games, but I always feel like we're getting the Lucas job with how many times they keep putting out the same games with new formats and slightly enhanced features.

TheOrion2823d ago

I know what you mean, gba and ds got the same re-release treatment for some of the games too. Though I never did bother with them.

TheOrion2823d ago

I didn't actually learn about this until yesterday, since I liked the other psp remakes of final fantasy 1/2 and star ocean it got my interest, the fact that theres also a second game included just sweetened the deal.

Yes the remake thing has been done before but the ps1 versions were my chance to play them since I never touched the original release. Square next job do FF6 for the psp, or at least release it on psn. :)