Sony: The PS3 Price is Right

Ray Maguire talks PS3 prices, the new 40GB model and consumer feedback: sat down with UK managing director Ray Maguire to hear the full details on the company's latest move in Europe, why the time is right for a change in price, and the problems of being an early adopter.

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hardmetal4086d ago

"What happens now is down to the consumers. If we're right then we're going to have a great Christmas and I feel confident that's what will happen but we can only see when consumers start to buy."

I agree....

MK_Red4086d ago

Well, I'm one of those consumers that's gonna start buying. I've wanted to get PS3 before end of the year.

Jeremy Gerard4086d ago

why would you buy a PS3 now? the price will probably drop three more times(at the current rate) by the time it actually has games to play, you will be able to buy one for 300 bux and it will actually have games if you wait till mid to late 2008.

sjappie4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

for 400 euro I might be tempted to buy one, mostly for the blu-ray player.

MK_Red4086d ago

Jeremy Gerard, I want to buy PS3 now because I really love Lair and I'm a crazy fan of Ratchet & Clank and UT (Though I may be forced to get the PC version because I seriously can't wait for some Unreal action).

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Ahmadinejad4086d ago

well as a early ps3 adopter i am pretty upset that they did not come up with any kind of gift for earlier customers, i spent £125 more than i should of have because i do not care for the ps2 backward compatibility but for my extra £125 i have watched 2 movies on it and played 2 decent games whih is really disappointing. sony seems to chnage its mind more than a patient on alzhimerz because i swear they were saying the previous price was absolutely justified

xhi44086d ago

Didn't you get your free copy of James Bond Casino Royale on Blu-Ray if you were part of the first 500,000 to sign up to the psn network on your ps3? That was my 'gift' i geuss, pretty damn good one i say.

spiderfish4086d ago

It's always been like that with every single product and if you're going to blame Sony, blame Apple as well for slashing $200 from the iphone 2 months after being released...
If you are an early adopter you will always pay more, but on the other hand you'll get to enjoy the product for a lot longer.

Ahmadinejad4086d ago

i dotn thinka copy of casino royale is worth £125, and the iphone people got half of the money back and you see u use the word "enjoy the product for a lot longer" well, thats very debatebal, i liked resistance when i got it and i been playign warhawk for a bit but the amoutn of enjoyment is no way near 360, ps2 or even my old 64. well i am not blaming them fully and i suppsoe i should blame my own stupidity.

thereapersson4086d ago

When little Johnny goes into the gamestop and sees that the PS3 is 399, and asks his parents for one, and when the fanboy clerk tells them that it can't play old PS2 games? Does he get upset and forget about his purchase, or does he get one anyway? What about all the people who have expected BC from a Sony console only to finally make the jump to HD and get screwed by this decision?

chanto234086d ago

pay 100$ more...the 40GB PS3 is for those that didnt want to pay 600$ to begin with. If you have a huge PS2 library, trade in a couple of them and get 100$ in store credit and buy the 499$ PS3...Blu-ray alone justifies the 400 price...

thereapersson4086d ago

The average consumer most of the time doesn't recognize good value; they take one look at a price tag and (in the case of the PS3), pass right on by. It doesn't matter if it has a blu-ray player built in, or that it has wi-fi, free PSN, 60gb HDD, high-end multimedia abilities, etc. They see the 600 dollar price tag and write it off for a Wii or a 360 instead.

They'll wonder why all the features aren't included in the 399 version.

Now, it doesn't matter to me because I fully recognized the value of the PS3 and bought a 60gb version for 599, but I hope you can see what I mean by this.

DEADEND4086d ago

To tell you the truth most kids really don't care about BC they just want to play new games that they haven't getting a chance to play yet, and as for parents they don't know anything about BC unless someone tells them about it. As for the people selling the systems in stores they might the parents about how the system has BLU-RAY and might be more interested in buying it, but retailers are looking into making money they won't sit there and give people a reason not to buy a system they'll do otherwise.

Marty83704086d ago

I'm an early PS3 adopter in the Uk, I don't feel cheated at all. As I got more hardware(BC inc) for a slightly higher price. Basically you get what ya pay for like anything nowadays.

Look at all the HDTV early adopter's paying £2000+ for there TV's, yet 6-12 months later we can get HDTV at £400-£1000+.