Square Enix Opens Studio Dedicated to Mobile Phone Gaming

Square Enix has launched a new Japanese Studio, named "Hippos Lab," which is didicated to mobile gaming. The studio began its operations on March 7th, and is completely owned by Square Enix. With the recent explosion in popularity of smart phones, Square Enix decided that they would capitalize on this progression of events. Square Enix's offspring, Hippos Lab plans to bring high quality, original content to smart phones which they believe hold a promising in the world of gaming. Hopefully this means that they wont just flood our phones with more Final Fantasy options.

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coryok2701d ago

why cant they just stick to conventional, dedicated gaming systems :( whateva, hope they do well

BubbleSniper2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )


i hope they do well 2

so they can return to their roots an make hit after hit on console

like they used 2

Troll-without-Bridge2701d ago

Its simple, Studios have to follow the demand, otherwise they run out of business. Business 101

Stealth20k2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Whata re you morons talking about?

There main studios make dedicated handheld games. In fact at least 4 are in development for the 3ds (A kingdom hearts, a chocobo game, dragon quest games, and final fantasy games). Thats more than the ds had right at launch and something smartphones will never get.

This is a shovelware side studio that has nothing to do with the good games.

coryok2700d ago

i know that they already have studios for dedicated consoles, but i want more :( i generally dont play games on my phone lol

lizard812882701d ago

who else is going to port the old Final Fantasies to the cellphones?!

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Incipio2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Hi, I'm Square Enix. I put red dots in my company logo font and I haven't made a good game in 10 years.

I'm looking to continue that trend with my new mobile division.

Some say the red dots in my logo font are pockmarks and festering wounds on my reputation. I'd say they're more like beauty spots.

NYC_Gamer2701d ago

its a lot of money to be made in the mobile market