Crysis 2: Complete Playthrough in HD, PS3 Version, 25 Videos

Net Media Now - Here's the complete playthrough of Crysis 2 (PS3 version). Youtube user, RajmanGamingHD, beat the game on Normal difficulty setting, and this is his first attempt at the singleplayer.

25 videos each 15 mins long in glorious HD.

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Criminal2796d ago

An awesome game indeed. In terms of gameplay, what makes it stand out is the armor and invisibility mechanics.

Active Reload2796d ago

What he do, cloak himself the whole time?

mygd2796d ago

A good game indeed... but again, a 6 hour campaign. :(

Downtown boogey2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

If you don't die, ever..?

Well, u know, at least usually playthroughs are recorded without deaths.

joydestroy2796d ago

yeah, i thought it was confirmed to be closer to 12hrs in length?

Criminal2796d ago

@joydestroy yup, I heard it's 10-12 hours.

rajman2796d ago

My playthrough has nothing cut out, everything including all deaths are in there. Yet its still 6 hours

Active Reload2796d ago

I have a hard time believing this person did this on his first go through. A game like that, I'm playing around checking the graphics, armor and weapons.

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CherryLu-Chan2796d ago

It often baffles me with how people play through some of the games/videos we see.

They absolutely batter through as much as possible as quickly as possible .. whereas I really like to take my time, explore, make sure all the bad guys are down et al - drink in the experience and make it last.

Downtown boogey2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Maybe it's because no-one want's to WATCH some one "drink in the experience and make it last."

2796d ago
rajman2796d ago

Shoutouts to my playthrough =)
Good game, but to short at 6 hours and some parts have really bad AI & glitches.

Criminal2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Rajman is the man.
Thanks for uploading the complete playthrough within 24 hours from release day.

Blacktric2796d ago

If it can be beaten in 6 hours on normal difficulty, I'll definitely play on a harder one. It's strange though. IGN said it runs at 9 hours while GameTrailers said 12.

citan2796d ago

Maybe their "journalists" suck so hard at FPS that it took them that much to play through?

FAGOL2796d ago

Hopefully my copy will arrive by tommorow.

NanoSoldier2796d ago

Best FPS experience you can get on consoles. It looks so incredible on my 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.