Xbox 360 Exclusive Character For Mortal Kombat Hinted at

Ed Boon has given strong hints over an Xbox 360 exclusive character for Mortal Kombat.

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Ve3tro2588d ago

Kratos was a great pick for the PS3 version, I still have a hard time thinking what the Xbox 360 character could be.

Maybe it will just be some exclusive characters/skins or levels.

Adexus2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It's Alan Wake of course, he can brutally blind people with his flashlight!

In all seriousness, the only one I can think of is Marcus Fenix really, he could have an awesome fatality with the chainsaw.

ksense2588d ago

I highly doubt they have an exclusive character for x360. Even the box art showed the Ps3 copy mentioning kratos but nothing for xbox.

It is possible down the line as a DLC though if they really want to do it.

Active Reload2588d ago

I saw the Sai and thought Raphael, lol.

LOGICWINS2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

LOL, when I said this in a previous article, I got mass disagrees. Boon hinted this about a month ago. Watch the MK episode of Gamespot's "On the Spot"

Anyways, this is good news, sad that bitter fanboys on the Internet's won't like this.

darthv722588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

when namco made soul calibur 2 for ps2, xbox and gamecube. The ps2 ver had Heihachi (sp??), the cube had link and the xbox had spawn.

Link is understandable for the cube as that is a nintendo only character. Heihachi for the PS2 seemed only right as it is a namco game and tekken popularity was built from the ps brand. Spawn...WTH??? Oh well, I guess it was better than a spartan (like in DOA).

As for mortal kombat, I can only think of......Spawn. He worked as an exclusive character for the original xbox in a fighting game. He could work again for the 360. Different game but the character fits better this way.

typikal822588d ago

I would think Marcus but wouldn't a generic Locust or even Carmine be a better fit?

Locust can have a chainsaw rifle also

Carmine always dies

Plus they're both Unreal Engine games. I dunno, PS3 version it is for me. Haven't decided on TEw/stick or regular version though.

ef-u-22588d ago

sorry people but this is the man for the job

Elven62588d ago

Brutus from Brute Force would be a good character IMO.

AAACE52588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

It will be Jago from Killer Instinct!

Edit: Damit Redpawn... you stole my answer! Lol...

xAlmostPro2588d ago

@Active reload the sais in the pic are mileena's weapons, but lol xD

DrRichtofen2588d ago

Maybe the dude from BulletStorm

PS3Freak2588d ago

No matter what it is, it cannot be better than Kratos. This is an impossible feat.

RockmanII72588d ago

Doesn't Stryker have a gun? I don't see why Dom or Marcus couldn't be in if their guns are similar to his. They could also use a Killer Instinct character or Arbiter with the energy sword. Xbox has more characters to use than Spawn if you look into it.

Mystogan2588d ago


Jack of Blades(fable) would be Awesome!

Garth would be cool too.

Darth_Bane792588d ago

THAT WAS MY JOKE!!! LOL! I said that a long time ago, when they announced Kratos. I said hat I see Alan Wake blinding Goro with his flashlight, and then runing like a little bitch.. LMAO!!

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AGamerOfConsoles2588d ago

A killer instinct character would be awesome.

Megaton2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

That would be awesome. Do it. Fulgore approves.

radzy2588d ago

i'm pretty sure its gonna be master chief with the sword and hammer or marcus fenix with the chainsaw !!!

Legionaire20052588d ago

Glacius Ultra!!! Ultra!!! Ultra!!!

specialguest2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Since there was never a Killer Instinct on an Xbox system, in my opinion, Killer Instinct is more associated with Rare during the Nintendo era. However, if they threw in a KI character, that would be cool.

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White-Sharingan2588d ago

You know what I was thinking? listen out

The most obvious choice would be from the gears of war universe, for the fact that it's the only exclusive game with enough blood and gore to fit in the MK universe, but choosing one of the cogs would not make sense because they are slow as hell, and by the looks of it, the new MK game is fast as hell (compared to past MK at least), so I was thinking, why not pick the locust that is a boss battle in Gears of War 2? I don't know the name but I believe he was the right hand man of the queen? where you and dom are in a building fighting him? he moves insanely fast and has like a javelin thing (and guns too)

EDIT: His name is Skorge

Godmars2902588d ago

Looks like he'd made a good addition to MK, but I have to say, that boss fight you linked to was lame.

Blad3star2588d ago

From Too Human

Spawn would be welcomed.

or Ninja Blade / Ninja Gaiden

xAlmostPro2588d ago

Meh if 360 gets anything exclusive i reckon it will be like a level or something..

To be honest they have no characters that would fit in, yes a gears guy or locust could have cool fatalities but appearance wise they just wouldn't fit.. Kratos however just fits if god of war 3 didn't exist he could easily have been an MK character by his looks, not the same with any 360 characters, a level could still be cool though.

shuuwai2588d ago


maybe a character from Halo series?
Gear of Wars? or Killer Instinct or blue dragon or Fable ...

my bet it's from Killer Instinct and the character looks like B.Orchid.

Blad3star2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Have not MK vs DC but I hope this guy makes an appearance in the new MK

Graey2588d ago

I'm going to go with Raphael from TMNT.

TVippy2587d ago

What a joke news. He didn't even mention anything about characters. POS news on the main page.

SpLinT2587d ago

if this game had a helghast character, i would probably buy it

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GodofwarGoty2588d ago

i rememeber reading some where that it was some bonus level or something like that

shaun mcwayne2588d ago

it will be your xbox live avatar!

testerg352588d ago

LOL.. that would actually be pretty cool.

FragMnTagM2587d ago

At least they would finally have a worth while purpose. They are not quite as bad as the Wii avatars, but I still don't like them that much.

I would love to see the fatalities that you could do on other avatars.

I would buy the game just for that reason alone, even if I wasn't already getting it.

GodofwarGoty2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

with the ammount of likes that you have got i think they should have your avatar as a playable character and online would be funny and cool at the same time and just image the fatalities

telekineticmantis2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


@Clizzz awesome Idea.

Convas2588d ago

I don't get it, why is an xbox 360 character so important for this game?

And if there really is one, why not an Elite? More like the Arbiter from Halo Wars. Dude was vicious and huge?

Blad3star2588d ago

They know that by releasing Kratos for the pS3 that version of the game will sell more.

They want money from both console ownners not just one.

darthv722588d ago

I mentioned it above but namco did something like this with soul calibur 2.

I ended up getting the cube version because link just felt like he fit the scope of that game. Spawn and heihachi just didnt seem right.

Spawn could work for this game though. If given the choice between the two, I would go with kratos and hope that whatever character they reveal for the 360 would be available for dlc to the ps3 ver. So long as it isnt an exclusive character (ex: spawn).

MASTER_RAIDEN2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Yeah, its really starting to annoy the shit out of me. Listen guys there are like 30 fucking characters in street fighter and like 40 in tekken. Do any of you even know how to play with half the characters in either of those games? My god most of you have probably never even picked cody or zefina in your lives! So WHY is getting some gimmicky broken extra character important. And to top it all off his combos actually look reallly bad. My advice to you LOSERS who are dying to see stiff meathead nobody: marcus phoenix in the game JUST so you can have bragging rights: get real. It should never and probably WILL never happen. Get over it.

SuicideShaun2588d ago

Same with kratos. It's pointless.