Why Big Budget Games Are Here to Stay

IndustryGamers: Why are titles that bring in massive amounts of money becoming less and less frequent across the board? It’s simple really; there is far too much reliance on fewer and fewer IPs that are a “sure thing.” Activision has even admitted to playing that role. Other companies are looking to scale back releases in an effort to focus on “quality” and yet other firms simply have done away with working on triple-A titles whatsoever. Does this herald the end of the creative medium with massive budget titles? Absolutely not.

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Sinner101GR2799d ago

Why play games if there arent big ones like Mass Effect and Halo? I mean, social games are fun time wasters, but what are we going to talk about the next day with friends, That awesome boss fight in Resident Evil or how you got a high score in Angry Birds? Me thinks the Resident Evil story would be more engaging.

donniebaseball2799d ago

Yeah I don't think the industry can ever be totally filled with nothing but the time wasters like social/mobile stuff