inFamous 2: Epic New Boss Battle Screenshots

Check out new screenshots of inFamous 2.

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Gambit072590d ago

My mad skills will put him down in no time.

blizzard_cool2590d ago

Well my mad skills will have him going DAAAAAAAAAAMN in no time.

zootang2590d ago

My mad skills means I'll die :(

telekineticmantis2590d ago

I've played this gen so far, No one can argue my opinion. This and MGS5, are in a 2 way duel in my heart. Close would be Uncharted1, Gears1. I hope in infamous 2 allows you to recreate Boss battles as well. I would also like some audio creation options Like LBP2. Ahh LBP2 is up there also, I can't really tell what is the absolutely best game I've played, warhawks one the best multiplayer games I've played, it's too many great games.

Kamikaze1352590d ago

After thinking about it, I think it's also one of the best I've played, too. I've beaten it like...3-4 times and still want to keep playing it. Usually I'll beat a game once and call it quits; sometimes I don't even make it that far, lol.

Fishy Fingers2590d ago

"Epic New Boss Battle Screenshots"

Kind of gave me the impression there would be more than ONE screen.

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