Game Character Showdown - Bout #16 (Solid Snake vs. Cloud / Lara Croft vs. Lightning)

GameDynamo - "Final Fantasy’s Cloud cut down Mario last round without breaking a sweat, so Solid Snake may have finally met his match. Snake had one of the easier opening rounds, dispatching Nathan Hale with ease. Hopefully, Snake’s box-hiding tactics are up to snuff, because a spikey-haired tornado named Cloud is headed straight for him. "

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Godmars2902824d ago

Looking at Snake vs Cloud, bit surprising I consider both of them to be emo. Anyone else?

PhoenixDevil2824d ago

Clouds defiantly more emo, snake can be the strong silent type but he's not all that emo really both badasses from awesome games though

PhoenixDevil2824d ago

Now this is a good match up, Lara's lost some steam since the good ol days but then again a lot of people didn't enjoy Lightnings maiden voyage I'm torn between the 2 of them

As for Snake vs Cloud I'm gona have to say Snake while both are badasses I just think Snakes a cooler guy a fight would be tough as cloud has a big ass sword but then snake can hold several weapons on his person without cloud even knowing it within a second it could turn from a buster sword vs a knife into buster sword vs a railgun/RPG/AK47

SnakeMustDie2824d ago

Snake has infinite ammo and can take out stingers out of his pants.

Criminal2824d ago

Solid Snake and Lara Croft.

SquareEnixFan2824d ago

Snake and Lightning. Cloud is no match for Solid Snake.

RedDead2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Magic/summoning and super human speed/strenght > Guns. Snake is the best character though imo.

Ultima weapon > Metal gear rex/ a long shot

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