Earth Defense Force Hands-On: Giant Bugs – Ruining Shower Scenes Since 2007 [Ripten]

In a generation where multiplayer and co-op games are constantly on the rise, Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon rears its earth-shattering, gargantuan… spinnerets. It takes no time to understand the urgency behind the new Earth Defense Force game: there are giant ants, spiders, and other unsightly insects (in giant form) invading the Earth, and they goin’ down.

Its predecessor, Earth Defense Force 2017, was released in North America in 2007 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. Amassing a bit of a cult fanbase for the overall fun factor it had going for it, the publisher D3 has decided to introduce us to this bigger, badder sequel, while widening the audience by publishing it on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 this time.

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dgroundwater2700d ago

The previews coming out have convinced me it will be a superior game all around. If only the voice acting could get a mention somewhere.