Madden 12 Cover Athlete Bracket is a Bad Decision - The recent decision to make the Madden 12 cover athlete selection a fan vote-based bracket is a bad one that sucks the notoriety out of being a cover athlete.

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Thepro3182585d ago

Vick or Rodgers will win

orange-skittle2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Vick would interesting since he has graced it already. It would remarkable for him to don the cover in 2 different bird uniforms. Fallen Falcon to a Soaring Eagle. They could market the shit outta that. You already know people are going to pick the Eagles because he runs just as fast as the running backs out there and his accuracy as improved.

indiemike2585d ago

Looking at Rodgers' stats this season, he was really, really good. He played extremely well, and winning the Super Bowl while beating tough teams to get there does put him in a favorable spot to win.

orange-skittle2585d ago

I hear ya Mike but I dont see it happening. Not much of a marketable guy. Why hasnt Brady or Manning been on the cover? They are boring. There's no story behind them. Breeze was on the cover because it was N.O. 1st Super Bowl EVER and the history of the town. Before that Troy and Larry facing head 2 head(great ending superbowl) and before that BRETT FAVRE(jets/packers uniform). Before Favre was Vince Young. When the Giants won, who was on that cover? They beat the unbeatable in the most important game.

To all others: If you are gonna disagree, then explain why instead of being a 12 year old nerd trying to be difficult

swishersweets200312585d ago

Rodgers will be gracing the cover im sure.

toddzuniga2585d ago

EA's gotta be hoping for Rodgers. Looks like "The 12th Man" might upset someone who deserves to win: Patrick Willis. Eek!

SanMarco2576d ago

rodgers better be on the cover. thats the ill reason ill buy it.
ima packer fan. I dont want to see vick on my madden game. no offense.
and Rodgers won a superbowl...thats spectacular.