Duke Nukem Hands On Preview - WGTC

Overall, Duke Nukem Forever is a solid title that fans of the series will surely appreciate. Parts of the game may feel outdated, but at its heart, it knows exactly what it is and never tries to pretend to be something its not.

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Doctorofreality2586d ago

how many bloody FPS games are we getting this quarter? seriously its all a bit samey. And they all think they have that magic "edge". Actually some of them do...

thegreatest78842586d ago

Just put down my pre-order today! Can't wait!

TheHip142586d ago

Ya this one should bring back the nostalgia

RaymondM2586d ago

I loved duke nukem 64 (i know, i know it was a watered down version of the PC version) but it was still awesome!

2586d ago
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