iPad: Most Wanted Nintendo Games (Modojo)

Unlike Sega, Nintendo will probably remain in the console business, competing with Sony and Microsoft for market domination. That notwithstanding, the publisher has a variety of games that we'd love to see on the iPad.

Chris Buffa (Modojo)

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hammersuit2589d ago

Mario. Mario Mario Mario. Need more Mario.

Buff10442589d ago

I think Paper Mario would work best on the iPad, as opposed to something like SMB3.

Stealth20k2589d ago

why wouldnt nintendo be in systems? They are always 1/2 in portables and handhelds

Buff10442589d ago

I am not sure what you mean by that.

soren2589d ago

hA ya aint gona get shit on the ipad but junk

Buff10442589d ago

Then I am clearly addicted to junk.

soren2589d ago

yeah ur addicted to junk those things u play arent much diffrent from those free web games you get only free web game that was good was cave story and u cant play that on the ipad

Buff10442589d ago

Really? Infinity Blade is mighty good.

metsgaming2589d ago

thats what angry birds is just a type of game you would get on a free games site.

Aarix2588d ago

Dont talk S*** about world of goo.

_LarZen_2589d ago

There aint any Nintendo games I would like on the iPad...but there are alot of other games on the DS I would love on it.

Professor Layton would be perfect!

With so many good games on the iDevices Nintendo realy should be scared. I wil not be picking up a 3DS the 25th....its all about the iPad 2 for me.

_LarZen_2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Funny how the fanboys click Disagree. Boys wil be boys...heres hoping they grow up one day.

soren2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

ipad cand do gameing lol i dont care what no one says Infinity Blade does look cool but its only touch controls kills the whole exp it looks like punch out kind of game i dont no why it said it was an rpg on the trailer o.0