Tired of COD? SOCOM 4 is For You: Beta Opinion

Being a fan of partially-realistic military shooters, I (Jason from GameNTrain) have always held a special place in my heart for SOCOM. Even when I got Confrontation a year after everyone else, constantly voted out of rooms because I was level one and sometimes took an hour to find a game, I still love this series. So needless to say I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of the online beta. In short, it’s a blast but thats just my opinion. It’s pretty overwhelming at first with the TPS camera and its control scheme but once you get through the 1.9 gig download and your first game, you’ll catch the fever…at least most of you will. A rundown shall we?

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jriquelme_paraguay2591d ago

"Tired of CoD? Socom is for you..."
hahaha.... funny.. good Joke

Blaze9292590d ago

i completely disagree. CoD and Socom are like two different games besides it obviously being a 3rd person shooter.

CoD is very fast and run and gun. Socom, is very slow and camp based if playing the classic modes.

I don't know many CoD players who have the patience to sit out ~5 minutes or so if you die waiting for the next round to start or the patience to be prone for minutes long playing hide and seek with the enemy.

That's only the surface.

Beefstew4u2590d ago

SOCOM isn't about camping a single spot for minutes on end. It's about using tactics and teamwork to overtake the enemy. Sure, you might have to camp and snipe off people if you don't work with your team. But for people that do, the game is incredibly action-packed.

Blaze9292590d ago

well I been in the beta for the past 2 weeks and all classic mode has been for me is a bunch of camping and cat-n-mouse. Nothing wrong with that, that's just not my style. So I play the respawn modes.

Solid_Snake-2590d ago

if anyone wants to try a game of real tactics try ARMA 2. all COD and SOCOM players would get owned BIG STYLE.

Joni-Ice2590d ago

Socom is about tactics? Not Socom 4. Been playing the beta and now Im cancelling my reserve.

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Emilio_Estevez2590d ago

I don't agree with this, but a ton of people were saying stuff like that while I was playing the beta. I liked it though.

BlackTar1872590d ago

I dont agree either but the game is fun. I loved how for the first beta at least the clan system worked pretty well for a beta made playing with your friends on the same team a easier task.

Orange2590d ago

I played my first set of rounds ever and had 1 kill and 4 deaths and some douchebags started a vote to kick me. So i promptly got 3 kills a row in the 5th round, then quit the match. Dang, I hope SOCOM isn't a community of a-holes. It was my first game for christmas sake.

Chubear2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

only on forums mainly and not in-game. That person likely wasn't a real SOCOM gamer to begin with cause everyone knows how SOCOM flows.

You could go 1-15 for the whole ten rounds but be the one that's the last one standing, takes out the last 3 enemies while in the "red" and win the whole thing for the team. No one in their right minds votes off a player that's 0for.

The only reason people would get booted is if they weren't playing at all or you get A-hole clans bullying you out of matches to get their buddies in.

This is how SOCOM used to be but I don't know if this new SOCOM will flow like that but we'll see.

Orange2590d ago

well, i did hear the one guy with a headset say "why are we voting to kick this guy?", so that made me feel better.

Incognegro2589d ago


Not to sound like a douche... but 15 deaths in 10 rounds... lol I'm sorry, just had to. But you're right that the community isn't that cold blooded. I don't know what to expect with this one though.

PimpHandHappy2590d ago

In COD you get ppl that camp and they kill you without even seeing them... reason for a kill cam but its also why its for noobs

Socom no kill cam and you will see who killed you.. Much more tactical and much more fun for me then COD.. I wont lie.. I love COD but Socom is more my speed.

Cant wait to get some friends on mic and making pistol only rooms :-)

Stewie2k82590d ago

i heard theres no hand guns in socom 4. :/

JackBNimble2590d ago

no hand guns in the beta, but that may change... who knows?

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BlackTar1872590d ago

yea no pistols in the beta at least just a bunch of p90's.

I m not sure i like the maps they have for the beta some of the maps they showed look better and abandon looks like a lot of fun.

PimpHandHappy2590d ago

your right
i never noticed handguns in this beta... hmmm

i loved handgun and shotgun only rooms in the old socom days... Im sure they will have handguns in the final game.. i would hope because that would be strange if they didnt have em

ddurand12590d ago

excited to try this beta next week. I havent played a SOCOM since I rented one back in jr high when renting was the thing to do.

ninjagoat2590d ago

Im playing the beta and i dont camp :)

BlackTar1872590d ago

what map do you like better? I like the boat one but on classic only respawn on that mpa is a spawn kill fest

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