Top 5 Games Based on Books

Koku writes: "In many of today’s video games, the story is an important part of the entire experience. While not crucial in all games,the story keeps people engaged and what makes us care about characters. Many games have their own stories created specifically for the game, but some game stories have been influenced by other mediums, such as books. Some books have such great stories that developers see them as being perfect for games. Here is my Top 5 Games based on books."

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Cinotix2589d ago

I really LOVED the Metro 2033 book, it was a very well written fiction Novel. The game didn't turn out as well which is obvious, but the fact that it had a game was good enough.

ThatGuyInTheHat2589d ago

I had NO idea Parasite Eve and Metro 2033 were based off of books! I am SO buying them off of Amazon this weekend if they have them!

Ziriux2589d ago

How could you not know the most popular Russian novel writer man.

ThatGuyInTheHat2589d ago

Idk. Probably because Russians scare me?

Overmind4202589d ago

Alice had to take the top spot here.

Ziriux2589d ago

Which it did. Dark and trippy.

smurfz2589d ago

What the fuck, I didnt know Parasite Even had a book. I got to check it out.

Ziriux2589d ago

Me neither but I don't think it's something that would interest me very much. Seems like an anime.

aedwards892589d ago

Metro 2033 was a great book, the game not so much

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