A Clear Winner

Edmonton Journal writes: "In all, the 3DS offers a huge leap forward for video gaming, taking all the excitement of much hyped 3D technologies and jamming it into a person’s pocket. With the addition of some more appealing game titles, this device will prove hard to put down."

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eagle212708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I can spot a winner from a mile away these days in the games industry. 3DS will beast the competition with..........the most quality games. That is what is important. :)

Jio2707d ago

Its graphics aren't too bad either :)

AndrewRyan2706d ago

By not too bad you mean not too good. But I didn't expect much since 3D comes with it.

Xof2707d ago

Of course it will beat away the competition.

Because it doesn't have any competition at the moment.

Though I'm not sure where this faith is coming from. DS was great and all, but I'm not seeing the 3DS in the same light. I don't know anyone who's buying one, or even remotely interested in it. That low-battery life has caused all of the "nintendo fanboys" I know to abstain from purchasing, in the hope of a superior version being released in the next year or two.