How About Some New Exclusive Gears of War Exile News

We (GizmoFusion) first broke the news about a new Gears of War title, tentatively titled “Exile”, back in January of this year. At the time not much was known about the game. Will this be part of the full Gears of War series of games? Will it have Kinect compatibility? Will it be multi-platform? Why did Microsoft not unveil anything during the VGA awards?

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Excalibur2554d ago

So an article based on the speculation we all had in January.


Blad3star2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Gear of War 3 - XBox 360
Gears of War Exile(Sigma) - PS3

Edit: Now that I think about the name Exile makes perfect sense.

Rumor has it that MS only had a two game deal with Epic but they did help fund Gears 3. Epic can still release Gears 3 FOR the PS3 under a different name with out getting into legal trouble with MS because the name is different.

Also the Gears 3 story is based on the cogs being exiled front their homes and force to live on floating giant ships - hence the word EXILE for the PS3.

Cant wait to play Gears on ma PS3.

Sitris2554d ago

You know what, you might be on to something there. Would be pretty cool if it came to ps3. I very much enjoy gears of war.

Aarix2554d ago

I highly doubt ms will allow gears to be on the ps3.

Blad3star2554d ago

Again - EPIC is the owner for the GEARS IP. MS had a 2 game deal with EPIC.

Yes MS can give EPIC money to try and keep Gears on the 360 but if EPIC was to release Gears on the PS3, PC and Wii Gears can easily do Call of Duty numbers.

guigsy2553d ago

Mate, you can speculate all you like, there's no way Microsoft will EVER let Gears of War go multiplatform. It's a franchise that makes millions for them, not to mention that people buy 360s just for this game. How do you know that haven't extended their deal to 5 games? Regardless, they will keep throwing money at Epic to stay exclusive. Epic would need to be bought by an EA or Activision for there to be any chance of seeing Gears on your PS3.

Kon2554d ago

Gears will never leave Xbox, i'm 80%sure

Blad3star2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

How can you say that about an IP that is owned by EPIC and not MS?

MS can throw $$$$$$$ at EPIC but can they really give EPIC what they game would sell on the PS3.

@Raven - As much as N4G would make you believe that Cliffy B hates the PS3 he is a gamer at heart first and developers make games because they want as much poeple as possible to enjoy them.

What does it matter if Gears is released on the PS3 - Its not all of a sudden going to be a bad game because its not exclusive anymore.

Chaoshead2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

your Rumor is false,Gears 1~3 not going to PS3
go home

and please don't say Ninja Gaiden 2,this game is not published by Microsoft
no MGS logo there
btw if you don't trust wiki i can take a photo prove it

AAACE52553d ago

You're right! It will probably be a Gears game for Kinect and Move! Similar to the upcoming Star Wars Kinect game!

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Hockeydud192554d ago

I like how they had no sources of their info except their supposed editor. Should be a rumor not news.. Until further notice I still have no clue what it is haha

Raven_Nomad2554d ago

Fanboys keep dreaming. Epic and Microsoft have a great relationship and Cliffy B wouldn't screw over Microsoft.
I personally don't believe they would release a prequel or give news on it before Gears 3 even releases, this has me thinking it's more of a Kinect title or something along those lines.

If it is a prequel, I'm sure it stays exclusive due to the fact Microsoft has big money to spend on keeping it that way. I'm sure they would pay just about anything to keep it exclusive.

Hopefully no matter what it is it's announced at E3, Maybe Microsoft just wanted to hold off on announcing it to make a big splash at this years convention?

huzzaahh2554d ago

What do you mean by "fanboys"? Can't people who just want to play Gears on their PS3 want this to be multi-platform or exclusive? People who don't have a 360 or prefer playing on the PS3 aren't automatically fanboys. In fact, you're a fanboy for making such a stupid generalization.

Raven_Nomad2553d ago

No, I find it funny how in every single Gears thread where they mention something like PS3 or interviewers take comments out of context about the exclusivity with Microsoft how PS3 fans "Would love to play Gears"

Yet when we see things like Cliffy B saying "Don't hold your breath" when it actually comes to Gears going multiplatform then the PS3 fans are saying "We don't want to play that, we got Socom".

I just find it odd. As far as fanboy goes, I own a PS3 as well, though I do prefer the 360. So there are no exclusives for me, if there were a game I REALLY, REALLY wanted to play the consoles are cheap enough to buy one for a single game series now IMHO.

betrayed gamer2554d ago

i think its going to be a pregame demo like dead rising case zero

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