JoyPads: WWE All Stars demo impression

"If you know me I do like my wrestling and my favourite wrestler of all time is Bret Hart. The current generation of WWE is ok but it has definitely lost its spark, vibe and can' t touch the early 90s of WWE and the attitude era though that is for another subject. Over the years WWE games have been good especially WWF Warzone, Wrestlemania 2000, WWF Attitude and WWF No Mercy, which is unquestionably the best wrestling game for me personally. The Smackdown vs Raw games are of course offering the realistic flair to the wrestling business in videogame form but have received more criticism doing so and not hitting the mark."

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nevin12701d ago

Wrestling games haven't been good since Here Comes The Pain and based on the WWE Allstar demo, the trend continues. Right off the back, the choices of Ultimate Warrior and Rey Msyterio is odd. But so far I don't like the gameplay or the controls. I still find it strange that wrestling games still have to load during entrance and matches. wrestling games( and sports games ) haven't evolved this gen. alot of these games are released on PS2 aswell and are only separated by graphic increase. im actually going to play the demo more (like with a friend) so don't take my thoughts on WWE AllStars too seriously.

Zydake2701d ago

Lol every1 says HCtP is the best ;D sadly i never played it wish I knew what I was missing out on.

nevin12701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

If you still have a PS2 or BC PS3, do yourself a favor and buy HCTP at GameStop. It still holds up even after 8 years after it released. PS3 does a good job of upscaling PS1/PS2 games in my opinion.

HCTP had a billion flaws but overall it was good. To bad they didn't refine the formula as these SmackDown Vs Raw games are awful.