Crytek – Lots Of FPSs, But “There’s No Game Like Crysis”

Crytek’s Crysis 2 is now out in stores across the U.S., and will hit UK this Friday. It’s a title that’s received critical praise, amassing higher Metacritic rankings than PS3 exclusive Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm. It’s doing good for itself, something that must bring joy to Crytek. What we don’t know, however, is how the title’s faring at retail. We’ll know soon enough if it even managed to do damage to the lauded shooter franchises that are already well established, but regardless of the outcome, Crytek would like you to know that while there are many first person shooters in the wild, “there’s no game like Crysis”.

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Shanks2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I agree completly, Crysis is truly uniqe.
But Crysis 2 is a different story, the consoles castrated it.

imvix2554d ago

Agreed theres so many linear shooters out in the market. Crysis 2 is just another one to the list.

zootang2554d ago

Is the story any good?

x8002554d ago

every game is uniqe in its own way.

DelbertGrady2554d ago

Yes, a soldier in a super suit shooting aliens is truly unique.

Mista T2553d ago

yeah but how many of them have powers you can actually out there this gen that let you control the powers?

that's what I thought

ksoto2554d ago

Honestly tome they look identical and if their is a difference its negligible.
On another note i regret buying Crysis 2!!!! I thought about it for so long because i knew it would be another generic shooter and alot of hype. Giving into all the hype i went and bought it yesterday for the ps3 and although its ok its far from being a graphics king smh only fanboys will say that. Uncahrted 2 and Killzoneeat this game alive. The MP is nowhere as good as that of COD and definitely not Killzone.
The Graphics are good but seriously you have to be kidding me if your comparing it to Killzone smh People see these little water effects and go nuts lol thats the only thing that really stands out to me. In the end i wish i could get my money back because the hype train is definietly not a real one and i have enough generic shooters as it stands. Overall this game is a 7.5 at best

KillerBBs2553d ago

I played the demo/beta and had lag up the Kazoo with multi player. Hows the multi in this title.

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