Nintendo 3DS And iPad 2 Make For Record Gadget Day

Telegraph writes: "The Nintendo hand-held games console, the first product to promise to give users a full three dimensional experience without the need to wear glasses, has already become the most pre-ordered games gadget in Amazon's history."

"The website, Britain's biggest online retailer, said that it had received more orders for the gadget than any other console, with 71 per cent more orders than for Sony's PlayStation 3 in 2007 and 123 per cent more than for the hugely popular Nintendo Wii, which went on to sell more than six million units in Britain."

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Raendom2794d ago

Nintendo fans are justified in being fans of Nintendo. Apple fans are idiots.

ChickeyCantor2794d ago

Everytime an apple fan starts talking about their newly bought apple product. Its as if they are holding Steve Jobs d/ck.

And thats the sad truth.