80° Podcast 49- Rooster Round 2

This week the Paranerds speak about Bayonetta, Mortal Kombat vc DC Universe and Street Fighter IV on the iPhone, they also speak about news (see below) and new releases. Rooster and Kevin also dive into their all time favorite games and InControll88 from the Community stops by to talk about the Zangrief Kid along with “WE ARE ANONYMOUS“. Rooster also receives his first hate mail in response to his Dragon Age 2 score (4/10) and he responds and defends his score.


Dead Island Logo Censored

New Xbox Release Date (NO!)

New RD for 3DS

Silent Hill Downpour Single Player Only

The Duke Spanks Women

Angry Birds = Super Mario

“Cure” for Homosexuals on iPhone

River City Ransom Sequel

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