Pixelated Perspective (The Electronic Farmyard): Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Retrospective

Daniel Pryce is back on the Electronic Farmyard with his latest weekly Pixelated Perspective article. This week he has taken a look back at Eternal Darkness for the Gamecude.

Daniel writes:

'The GameCube, despite being the least successful console of its generation, had some damn good exclusive games. Of course, the old Nintendo stalwarts – Mario, Metroid, Zelda – had incredibly good entries. But there was a group of third party exclusives that were absolute gems. Factor 5 brought two Star Wars: Rogue Squadron games to the console, both of which had tight controls and are, to my mind, some of the best dog-fighting games ever released. StarFox Adventures, by Rare, is seen by many as the black sheep of the franchise; but it’s still an engrossing, rich game with graphics that hold up even today. Resident Evil 4 was GameCube exclusive for a few years. True story.'

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