Dirt 3 : Kris Meeke gameplay video

New gameplay video for the racing game

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BeastlyRig2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I can't wait to see super wide screen monitors.

dirthurts2493d ago

Yeah really. Forget multi monitors with bezel gaps. Give me a twice wide screen!

bumnut2493d ago

I can't wait for a Dirt game to have proper physics like rally games used too.

dirthurts2493d ago

What? Proper physics? What's wrong with the physics? Sure it's not a sim, but it's sure fun to play. A nice blend of arcade and realism.

bumnut2492d ago

The physics are terrible, nothing like the Colin Mcrae games they used to make.

Daves2486d ago

The physics are far improved these days. It was never 'proper physics'.

Now I'm not saying the games felt worse, just that there is much more going on this gen.

Guess it's how those calcs are used.