FTG Review: MLB 11: The Show

"In just over a week, baseball season will officially begin, but for me, my baseball season started a few weeks ago with the release of MLB 11: The Show. I have been a fan of The Show series since MLB ’09 and have purchased the past three games in the series. So how does MLB 11 compare to the past two MLB games?"- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2820d ago

DAY-UM. I don't play sports games, but jesus do the game's screenshots look amazing.

bestofthebest2820d ago

I just bought this and the graphics are really amazing. The players looks and moves are very realistic definitely the best looking sports game so far. I didnt think they could do much with visuals compared to last year but they have and this has become a showcase game as to what the ps3 is capable of in the right hands.

AmigoSniped2820d ago

I might get this game soon. Haven't played a baseball game in a while.

Del6732820d ago

I may have to take a look at it too, I have not played a sports game on 360 or PS3 in forever.

ChaingunPope2820d ago

I'm not a sports guy, but a good review nonetheless.

InstantKarma2820d ago

If I understood baseball, Id prolly give it a go...