FTG's Super Easy Mode: Portal 2′s Aperture Investment Opportunity #1: Panels

"Giving you a tiny taste of the game to come without spoiling a damn thing, Valve is releasing a series of weekly trailers leading up to the release of the game on April 19th. A tasty 40 second nibblet that’ll give you a laugh or two, we get to hear the voice of the well-meaning yet clueless President of Aperture Science, “Cave” Johnson, voiced by J.K. Simmons (the father from “Juno”), pitching you on the value of their mechanized panels."- Shanghai Six

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maxcavsm2741d ago

I guess there's no getting away from these videos; god damnit, I can't wait for Portal 2.

eccothedolphin72741d ago

Portal 2, can i please have you now?

AmigoSniped2741d ago

I can't wait for this game

Ethereal2741d ago

Awesome. Day one. Thanks valve for supporting the PS3, therefore I will show you my support by picking it up.

Del6732740d ago

I would love to see Valve and Sony somehow get Steam out for the PS3 instead of PSN.

Skyliner122740d ago

That'd be incredibly impressive.. but it seems kind of unrealistic, technology wise. Unless they built it into new PS3 models, maybe?

Ethereal2739d ago

That would be interesting, although PSN has been successful for Sony. I just hope the steam structure is used for other games in the future. Nevertheless, pretty awesome that Sony is giving Valve the capabilities to do whatever they want with Portal 2, like multiplat lobbies for instance.

Brash_Attack2740d ago

Pre-ordered and waiting...

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