GAMER-0 # 53: Crysis 2 Is It Hot Or A Flop?

T-Hill writes: Crysis 2 the supposed king of graphics that should have dominated over all others has come and gone. The question that many gamers are asking themselves is does it live up to the hype and are the big media sites giving it a pass because of heritage. Castlevania's Lords of Shadow DLC drops, new Dead Island info and EA goes green...gamers manuals get cut. All in this episode of GAMER-0 hope you enjoy :)

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Stealth20k2764d ago ShowReplies(2)
Pandamobile2764d ago

How could anyone honest call Crysis 2 a flop when it has averaged 89% on Metacritic and I'm sure pushed a couple hundred thousand copies on launch day.

Typically a "flop" scores and sells much lower than expectation.

DelbertGrady2764d ago

Look at the source and you'll understand why.

KillerBBs2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Sales has nothing to do with the game but the marketing 101.

People need to shut the hell up about how many copies a game sold (doesn't mean the game is good)... it means you are fn sheep!

ElementX2764d ago

HHGS? LMFAO. Crysis 2 is awesome, the gameplay is much better than KZ3.

gorebago2764d ago

didnt play k3 but crysis is fun

9thGenHero2763d ago

Once again you pre-judge without viewing the video. Crysis 2 has awesome visuals, but it's definitely not as fun as Killzone 3.

tatotiburon2764d ago

according to reviews is hot
according to sales is hot
according to the industry is hot (the best looking game so far)
according to me is hot
according to my friends is hot
according to haters is a flop
according to ps3fanboys is a flop
according to killzone fans is a flop
according to uncharted fans is a flop
according to the only 3 o 4 guys that are still playing MAG is a flop
according to ign haters is a flop
according to you my dear fanboy is a total flop!!

jeseth2764d ago

According to us all,

you are a fanboy, troll, and . . .

a flop.

Clarence2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

You think kz3 is a flop because your 360 only. Crysis 2 gets a pass because it not a PS3 exclusive. Nothing original about the game at all. The storyline is the same like all other FPS. Save earth. Say what you want, but it's been a lot of hate on the PS3 the gen.

gorebago2764d ago

Hot like rosie o'donnel in a thong - ie) very

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The story is too old to be commented.