FTG at PAX East 2011: Hands on with Ms. Splosion Man and The Gunstringer

"On the first day of PAX East, I was lucky enough to have a appointment with Twisted Pixel to see both The Gunstringer and Ms. Splosion Man. After shaking hands and getting the games set up I jumped straight into Ms. Splosion Man."- AmigoSniped

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maxcavsm2648d ago

Holy shit, a Kinect game for gamers? No kidding. And I love me some Twisted Pixel.

eccothedolphin72648d ago

The gunslinger is going to probably be one of the most creative games to come out in ages.

AmigoSniped2648d ago

These games were one of my favorite games at pax

PureDarkness2648d ago

Twisted pixel are really becoming a GREAT developer, and quickly

Del6732647d ago

They seem to be one of the few that are being pimped buy M$, which helps a great deal with XBLA games.

KalebKJC942648d ago

As we put more faith in to Twisted Pixel, they give us more and more. Not if only we could give them Activision. We'd see more quality stuff like I'm sure these will be.

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