Good Game: Killzone 3 review

Killzone; the zone where you get killed.


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kenpachi2674d ago

1. It's Sev not Seth

2. Their fighting to try and get off the Helghast planet

3. The reason Sev rescues Captain Narville is that he doesn't leave men behind

4. Those were prototype jetpacks thats why they you could only last a few seconds in the air

thereapersson2674d ago

Why bother to follow the story? People just run through these games without giving a shit. I've already given up on gaming "journalism" this generation.

Bajopants2669d ago

1) I know! I apologised for that on our pages.. I think I got it wrong in killzone 2 as well.. it just sounds like seth to me!

2)my point was you didn't really understand why because of the average storytelling

3) my point was you dont feel like YOU want to, as the gamer, because he's so unlikeable, so it doesn't make sense to the gamer

4) they still sucked

nix2674d ago

you die if you try to be a rambo. Killzone is a game where you need to have lot's of patience.

Orionsangel2674d ago

Not available in my country???

Bajopants2669d ago

you can get it off itunes/from our website

Rattlehead202674d ago

8.25 out of 100? Okay the game wasn't the best but that's low!


Bajopants2669d ago

we think 8 is a very good score, we think a 7 is a good score, and we think a 6 is an average, and a 5 is probably not worth playing.

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