Confirmed: Raven 'contributing' to Call of Duty

A new job listing for Raven Software has confirmed that the studio has been working on "contributions to the blockbuster Call of Duty series", validating rumours of the studio's involvement with the franchise.

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Lamarthedancer2461d ago

Can't you guys just make a sequel to Singularity instead :)

Montrealien2461d ago

It took them 10+ years of Activision bitch work to get a trully original unlicensed game from them, here is hoping there work on the new call of duty will take less time this time. :)

NukaCola2461d ago

Im with Rob,

I loved Singularity. It wasn't perfect but a great and very underated game. I would love another one.

Johandevries2461d ago

Singularity was some old-school love

anthem2461d ago

so its going to have xmen, hexen,elements?
strange lol

jjohan352460d ago

No, probably an action adventure element similar to what was already leaked a year ago.

CranberryPub2461d ago

It's been rumoured since last year, but never actually confirmed as far as I'm aware.

Raven_Nomad2461d ago

Though it was only a rumor, we pretty much knew this. There cant be much left at IW and COD is the big money maker.

I think people familiar with COD will be intrigued by the involvement on Raven and Sledgehammer and this might even draw back old fans who are curious as well as current and new fans.

I know I'll be picking it up in November as usual.

Montrealien2461d ago

Same here, and I am not ashamed of it.

andron6662461d ago

I'm mostly done with Cod now.

What they can do to change my mind, is bring back the magic mp feeling from MW, and update/optimize their graphic engine. If not they will only be rehashing the same old stuff, and it''s getting tired...

Raendom2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

So 4 entire STUDIOS (IW, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Raven) are working on one franchise? :\

STK0262461d ago

Yes, but as far as I know, Treyarch are working on the next CoD (2012), while IW is doing most of the work on what is rumored to be MW3 with assistance from Raven and Sledgehammer. I'd say that after MW3, there's a chance that there will be 3 studios working full time on the CoD franchise, on 3 different games, which would allow each team 3 years to develop a new game rather than the 2 years they have right now, allowing for more improvements on the game and the technology itself.

karl2461d ago

only activition can sell u the same franchise twice in the same year with a different name..

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