First Resident Evil Revival Selection scans

Check out the first scans of Resident Evil Revival Selection.

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anthem2820d ago

is this going to be on the network or disk? REVIVAL thats just what RE needs

matt41072820d ago

i bought 3 versions of re4 already
still can't get enough

sikbeta2820d ago

I got 2, GC and PS2, next one is for PS3 :P

RE4 is available for:
Next: PS3 and x360


guigsy2820d ago

I don't see why you would buy this unless you hadn't played them before. It's like there trying to sell your old games back to you for 4 times their value.

matt41072820d ago

My Favorite Game of All Time
Is it enough for you

guigsy2820d ago

Deus Ex is my favorite game of all time but I've only ever needed one copy.

King_many_layers2820d ago

Sometimes, for me personally, a game can become something so special that it doesn't matter just how good a sequel is it can never quite live up to it, but then there was RE5.

I know that if this is true and is being released I'll be getting it on PS3. For me the additional challenges and rewards in trophies for playing a game that I once loved, for it's brilliant gameplay (at the time, definitely) and incredible atmosphere, is just fantastic.

I've not played a game with quite as much atmosphere as RE4. Dead space was slightly close, but it became far too much action in the sequences.

Nothing has compared to walking back in the village at the night in the fog, nor the first visit to the regenerator which made me turn the game off on my first playthrough.

BubbleSniper2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

i got RE4 on PC, with better encoded cutscene, complete texture redone an mock AA.

it blow any and every ver. away. if this have trophy..?

i gonna buy it and platinum it so fast. LOL!!

i usually play it on sundayz

waltyftm2820d ago

Great stuff, Really looking forward to this.

StealthWraith2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Why are we milking RE4 to death? Wii PS2 PC Mobile and now 360 PS3 are we just going to stop making new games all together and just release remakes?

Capcom give us new RE with zombies modern environments and a great SP experience not some AI partner following me around saying thanks, HELP! all the time and these villages and 3rd world countries, RE5 was garbage

Dead space hit on something SP w/o co-op to give you that sense of fear while alone and great environments

BubbleSniper2820d ago

i agree with you dude

if DEAD ISLAND come out and deliver... then Milkcom

got some trouble. i hope that happen cuz then 1 of two thing...

RE would die OR RE/capcom would step up to plate and finally deliver some REAL horror.

far as i know RE aint even horror any more, since 4 but i real like 4 lots as many other people do

TXIDarkAvenger2820d ago

I think Capcom is releasing remakes because it might have to do something with it being 15 years of Resident Evil?

NukaCola2820d ago

HD Resident evil 4 sounds cool. Please add Move support and no more " can't move and shoot" crap please.

jim2wheels2820d ago

But that's what makes Resi games what they are? Clumsy and unforgiving.

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The story is too old to be commented.