Battalion Wars 2 (Wii) Preview

Nintencast previews Battalion War 2 for Wii: Imagine a game that combines Advance Wars, superb level design, glorious 3D graphics and addictive gameplay; and the outcome? Battalion Wars of course. Released back late 2005 as one of the Gamecube's last ever games to appear on the console, it delivered what was one of the best real time strategies ever. So what have Kuju done to improve on the already great Gamecube game?

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ItsDubC3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

This is one of the non-casual Wii titles I've been eagerly awaiting the most this year. The first one was great, Advance Wars DS is one of my favorite DS games of all time, and it looks like BWii is going to incorporate the best aspects of both series.

cooke153693d ago

Ill be buying this day one. I loved the first one :)

ChickeyCantor3693d ago

CO-up, online, splitscreen, Lan mode( 2 Wii's ) is just awsome :| cant wait!!!

although more Wiis would me more awsome...4 for all !
im currently playing the first game and its awsomeeeeeee.
BWii is an RTS game i've been waiting for a long time >_<!!!!1

KeiZka3693d ago

I am seeing another must-buy... Thank god I got that job to augment my living.

ShadoWulf3693d ago

"Some of you may of played the original, but you couldn’t help but feel how great a multi-player mode would of made the game."

Couldn't reviewers use proper english?

-Some of you may HAVE played the original, AND you couldn't help but feel how great a multi-player mode would HAVE made the game."

Anyways, I wish I had money, because I would buy this game. However, money I have not.

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