Cradled by inadequacy: the 3DS battery put to the test

ARS: Our portable devices only work if they are truly portable, and that is only achieved when you're not chained to a power supply. I use a Macbook Air for my mobile computing, and the battery life is a large part of why that system is so useful for road warriors. The iPad features a battery that easily lasts eight hours or so, even under heavy use. The Kindle? Forget about it, that thing can go for ages. Past DS units have enjoyed lengthy battery life as well, but that is not the case with the 3DS.

The battery in the Nintendo 3DS is as bad as we had feared, and it's a major impediment to enjoying the system. Here's what we've found so far, after playing with the system for a number of days.

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Jio2824d ago

Dont really care about battery life at this point. Its removable, meaning that a better battery WILL come along soon, in the meanwhile I can use the NYKO battery which makes it 8 hours on full 3D