Games Thirst Homefront MP Review (Video)

Hey guys, we have a surprise for you today. Introducing yet another addition to the site, Games Thirst video features. The first will be a review of Homefront’s multiplayer brought to you by our new video editor, Joe Garret. Make him feel welcome.

It’s the firs of many features Joe will be helming, so you can expect more video reviews, previews and special features coming soon. The game’s single player review will also go live on the site today, handled by our very own Joshua Tompkins.

So without further delay, enjoy.

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Lekumkee2798d ago

What a fucking joke. Why does Homefront get the special kids treatment? How come every other game you review don't have separate reviews for single player/multiplayer components? You guys are a bunch of stooges bro. Videogames journalism as a whole would do better without jackass sites like this around.

What I want to know is how much was the check THQ wrote to you retards? Or was it even money they offered? They probably just promised you ass clowns early review codes for Red Faction. What prompted 2 reviews for the same game?

RedBullGT2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

We just started doing video reviews, and will be doing separate reviews for all other games that come out when we can. We will be doing a separate review of Crysis 2 for instance, so just calm down. We just added a new guy who does video reviews, and so we will be taking advantage of it now. This is something new for use and Homefront just happened to be the first game we did after the guy joined. So calm down and wait. We will be doing separate reviews for all major games coming up.