Good Game: Majicka review

HEX: Well, when it was great - it was great, but unfortunately this is a VERY buggy game, constant glitches and crashes. Our first night was fine, but then on the weekend I think we must have wasted hours of our lives trying to get this game to work, and we ended up having to replay the same levels over and over. I see it getting patched constantly, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better as yet.

Fingers crossed for the future, though... I still recommend it to people because it is dirt-cheap and a hell of a lot of fun when you can get a game going, and I want more buddies to play it with!

BAJO: It took me a while to get used to the spell commands... and at one point I looked up a guide online, but then abandoned it because half the fun is stumbling across those magical combinations yourself. I had fun too - I just wish it wasn't so broken, Hex! I think it'll be a great little game once they fix those issues.

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